Barrier Skin Cream for DIY Home Projects

Barrier Skin Cream for DIY Home Projects

The handy man’s ally is Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream

Enjoy your DIY project without worrying about your hands

You may be an avid HGTV fan with a long untouched list of Do-It-Yourself projects. Or you have that one job in your house that is just begging to be done. Whatever the reason there is work to be done in your home. Before you reach for that hammer or measuring tape, take a moment and apply some Workman’s Friend.

Its unique non-greasy formulation means our cream goes on smoothly and is quickly absorbed into the skin. This is perfect when you’re working with heavy tools or objects, where slippery hands could pose a serious danger. Workman’s Friend is odorless and non-toxic, perfect for all skin types. So whether you’re sensitive to smell or highly allergic to certain additives, our cream is an ideal choice.

The beauty of Workman’s Friend is that this light-weight cream makes washing away the dirt and grime after a DIY home project easy. Now you can get as dirty as you want to! So before you start caulking, cutting, replacing or resealing, slather your hands and forearms in our cream. Workman’s Friend will provide a moisture barrier between your skin and your environment, locking in hydration while ensuring the clean-up is easy.

Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream a DIYer’s secret weapon

You no longer have to tolerate dry, itchy and stained hands after completing a DIY project. Those hours spent standing over the kitchen sink, scrubbing with a nail brush, trying to get those last remnants of product off of your hands, are gone. Our formulation means a simple wash and wipe and your hands are clean.

Workman’s Friend is unlike any professional-grade hand cream on the market. Our long-lasting product means up to four hours after application, it is still working hard to protect your skin from irritants. Plus you don’t have to apply large amounts for it to be effective. Treat it like your regular hand cream, rub on and small amount and enjoy its benefits.

The last thing you want is to step away from a DIY project to take care of your sore hands. Your free time is too valuable for that! Avoid getting calloused, dry and blistered hands by applying a thin layer of Workman’s Friend before you begin work. It is the best Do-It-Yourself solution for your hands.

  • Caulking: If you’re considering re-caulking your bathroom shower this weekend, remember caulk is a mild skin irritant. The solution is to apply a thin layer of Workman’s Friend on your hands before you grab the gun and start caulking.
  • Unclogging the drain: If it’s grease or food that is plugging your drain, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty.  This is undoubtedly one of the dirtiest jobs in the house. But with a little bit of Workman’s Friend on your hands and forearms before you start, the grease and grime are quickly gone once the job is complete.
  • Bleaching: Before you reach for the bleach to disinfect an area of your house, grab your tube of Workman’s Friend. Bleach is a strong skin irritant and even if you’re wearing gloves, it can still come in contact with your skin. With its moisture and protective barrier, our cream can shield your skin against bleach’s harsh effects. 


easily wipe or wash away dirt, grime & grease after usenon-greasy, odorless, non-toxic & safe for all skin typesmoisturizes and hydrates skinshields skin against hundreds of skin irritants & plant oils

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Barrier Skin Cream Sample Sachet for 1-2 uses

Barrier Skin Cream Sample Sachet for 1-2 uses

Workmans Friend

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