Barrier Skin Cream for General Hygiene

 Barrier Skin Cream for General Hygiene

Let people notice your hard work not your hands

Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream allowing you to get back to the job at hand!

As you watch the sprinkler go back and forth on your front lawn, you stare at your new and beautiful green grass. But only four hours ago, you were knee deep in sod and dirt. Your Saturday project of laying grass in your front lawn seemed like an easy job at first. Then the sod broke up, the hose leaked and your hands got a lot dirtier. Workman’s Friend understands.

Our weightless cream is designed for just this kind of work, the dirty kind! With a simple application of our unique formulation before you go outside, your hands will be protected. You see, our cream is designed to make those messy jobs that much cleaner for your hands. Once you’re done laying the sod, a simple wipe or wash of your hands and you’re clean. You won’t have to spend half an hour in the bathroom scrubbing the dirt off with a nail brush. Workman’s Friend has done the hard work for you.

That’s not all our cream can do. For example, maybe it’s your turn to do the dishes? You’ve had a few friends over for dinner and the pots and pans have stacked up. With no rubber gloves in sight, you’ve got to get your hands soaped up so you can clean up. But before you grab the dish brush, apply a thin layer of invisible protection: Workman’s Friend. Our cream has a barrier which protects against the harsh irritants found in so many dish soaps. If you’ve ever finished drying the dishes only to notice you’ve got red, itchy hands you know how painful it can be. Workman’s Friend can protect your skin from hundreds of different skin irritants.

But our cream does more than just protect against harsh irritants. It also prevents moisture loss. You see, the skin’s natural barrier can be damaged. Hot soapy dish water is notorious for robbing your skin of moisture, leading to dry and scaly hands.  Workman’s Friend is designed to stop that by acting as a hydration barrier. An application of our cream protects your skin and locks in the moisture.

Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream is your healthy-hand ally

Having clean hands is especially important if you’re a pet owner. From walking and bathing, to feeding and brushing, not to mention pooping and scooping, taking care of your animal requires a lot of hand washing. At the same time you don’t want a heavily perfumed cream that overpowers both you and your animal. Workman’s Friend is a heavy duty cream designed for people who need to protect their hands, like pet owners. Its non-greasy formulation means you won’t be leaving oily fingerprints everywhere. But at the same time, you’ll be able to ensure your hands are scent-free and soft.

  • Laying sod & planting flowers: Dirt and mud under the finger nails and on the hands are all signs of a job well done in the garden. But the clean-up doesn’t have to take hours. With a simple application of Workman’s Friend the grime comes off easily.
  • Dishwashing: Dry and irritated skin from washing dishes doesn’t have to happen. A dollop of our cream before you take the plunge and your hands will be protected from the hot and soapy water.
  • Taking care of your pet: No matter what your pet duties include, it is important to maintain clean hands at all times. Workman’s Friend is designed to make sure your hands stay soft while taking care of your animal.


easily wipe or wash away dirt, grime & grease after usenon-greasy, odorless, non-toxic & safe for all skin typesmoisturizes and hydrates skinshields skin against hundreds of skin irritants & plant oils