Workman’s Friend Leather Conditioner

Workman's Friend Leather Conditioner

No more dry, cracked leather. Easily keep your leather pieces looking, feeling and working like NEW with Workman’s Friend Leather Conditioner!

Softening gloves, breathing life back into worn work boots and making classic leather car seats look new: Workman’s Friend Leather Conditioner finds countless uses in every household. Leather conditioner was initially used by animal trappers some 500 years ago to soften their gloves and shoes. Despite the decline of the trapping industry over the last two centuries, there are still many conditioners available on the market including Workman’s Friend all-natural leather conditioner. Our newest product is made from the finest ingredients and is an important tool in preserving the integrity of this material.

The Importance of Leather Conditioner

The beauty of Workman’s Friend all-natural leather conditioner is that it protects while cleaning it. Our combination of natural ingredients is able to penetrate dirt and grime, and safely removes it. Inevitably everything will start to accumulate dirt and grime over time. This is especially true for leather which when used for car seats or recliners tends to be a dirt magnet.

One of the most attractive features of leather is its comfort and pliability. However, if you don’t maintain it, it will become hard and rigid. To avoid this type of deterioration a simple application of Workman’s Friend all-natural leather conditioner will preserve the material, in its new and natural condition.

Additionally, using our leather conditioner means that it will be strengthened. In fact, you can improve the quality of the material by applying conditioner to it. A few of the ingredients found in leather conditioners have been proven to bind leather together making it more durable and stronger.

How to Use our Leather Conditioner

Clean your leather item using a damp cloth. Once it is dry, using the applicator sponge rub Workman’s Friend all-natural leather conditioner in a gentle circular motion to the leather. Wait for approximately 3-5 minutes for the conditioner to dry. Then wipe any remaining residue and let your Workman’s Friend product set. Experts advise that you condition your leather once a month to ensure it remains soft and flexible.

Some potential leather projects might include:

  • Buffing your comfiest pair of quality dress shoes
  • Cleaning and conditioning the leather seats in that classic motor car in the garage
  • Bringing movement into those stiff, old steel-toed work boots
  • Polishing some shine back into your nice leather belt before your nephew’s wedding next month
  • Conditioning your leather work gloves before putting up that barbed wire fence in the fall (movement is key for a strong grip)
  • Break out that leather briefcase passed down from your grandfather and, after a quick polish, rock that classic vintage style

Leather for a Lifetime

What was once used as a boot and glove protectant by animal trappers some 500 hundred years ago is still in use today. Leather conditioner, especially Workman’s Friend all-natural conditioner protects, preserves, and extends the life of your items. It makes any leather item feel like new, sometimes 30 to 40 years after it was initially bought. So, the next time you’re searching for a product that will protect your investment look no further than Workman’s Friend.


Workman’s Friend all-natural leather conditioner is superior softener and preservative. A simple application of our formula will go a long way to extending the life and quality of your leather goods.