Workman’s Friend products for Professional Painting

Workman's Friend Skin Barrier Cream for Professional Painters and Commercial Painters

With Workman’s Friend your painting will speak volumes and your hands won’t reveal a thing.

Meet the newest ally in the commercial painting industry.

Perhaps it’s your biggest job to date, or just another commercial contract, regardless you want to do it well. Part of successfully completing your job is ensuring you use the right products from the initial set-up, painting, and clean-up. Before starting any job, the best professional painters know to have the Workman’s Friend family of products on hand.

You see, this isn’t just a weekend paint job, this is your career and your hands are the most important tool you use. But, the long days of working with paint and its associated products can often wreak havoc on your skin, not only your hands but your forearms too. It may start with a simple itch, but symptoms such as redness, swelling, and burning, can be long lasting and extremely painful.  Workman’s Friend Healing Hand Cream is an ally to your hands. Containing naturally soothing ingredients including comfrey, allantoin and calendula, our lotion will soothe your skin. With its anti-inflammatory properties our hand cream will heal the dry and cracked skin caused by the corrosives and solvents found in the majority of paint products.

Then there is Workman’s Friend Hand Cleaner with Activated Charcoal, your answer to clean hands. From coating the roller, to wiping up splatters and drips, your hands are the tool you use the most. They are indispensable! As a professional painter, you are all too familiar with using an abrasive brush to wash the hard-to -remove splatters and residue left on your hands and arms at the end of the day. But imagine if that could be a thing of the past? Our soap contains high-grade pumice giving it unprecedented cleaning power. This petroleum-free product removes dirt and odor in a flash and with its infused plants oils it will leave your hands soft to the touch. No more endless scrubbing or using harsh chemicals to clean up.

The third member of our family is Workman’s Friend Skin Barrier Cream. Our original product can be safely applied allowing you to get on with your work. You can focus on the job instead of worrying about what will happen if you get your hands dirty or wet. When you’re done at the end of the day, a simple wash or wipe will remove any hint of paint painlessly and effectively. Let Workman’s Friend be your painting ally.

Workman’s Friend is an unrivaled family of products designed to clean, protect, and moisturizes your hands against industrial paints and the associated products.

Say goodbye to itchy, dry and paint-speckled hands. Let your Workman’s Friend help you in successfully completing a contract.  Who wants to hire a painter with red and swollen hands? When there’s you the professional-looking contractor with smooth and clean hands ready to start work.

  • Roller or Brush: Before you soak your roller or brush in paint, slather on some of our Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream. Drips and splats of paint will now easily wash off your hands.
  • Cleaning brushes: Protect your hands from the strong irritants found in soap. Apply Workman’s Friend Healing Hand Cream after you’ve finished painting. Containing comfrey, calendula and other herbs, our cream will soothe dry irritated skin.
  • Paint Fumes: The strong paint fumes that often stick to clothing and skin will no longer be an issue. Workman’s Friend Hand Cleaner with Activated Charcoal is a powerful dirt and odor remover containing high-grade pumice for cleaning and infused plant oils for soothing.


easily wipe or wash away dirt, grime & grease after usenon-greasy, odorless, non-toxic & safe for all skin typesmoisturizes and hydrates skinshields skin against hundreds of skin irritants & plant oils