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Barrier Skin Cream
Sheryl Morris
Many uses

I am a wound care nurse and one of my patients told me about this stuff. I purchases some and have used for ither patients with skin conditions and sensitivities to adhesive. Once this dries tape will stick to it and won’t affect the skin! Amazing stuff. I bought some for my mechanic son too!

Not greasy. Does the job.

My hands dry out every winter but I don’t like greasy creams and lotions. This product is keeping my skin in good shape and, as advertised, is not oily at all. Using it at bedtime. I’m glad I found Workman’s Friend.

Barrier Skin Cream
Belinda Bane
Barrier Skin Cream

Works great to keep hands protected…Love that it doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy.

The Difference was AMAZING.

I enjoy gardening and generally doing work outside, but my hands frequently got dry, especially if I had to wash my hands a lot. Putting this on before I do any of that work is astonishing the difference - My hands were noticeably healthier and the dirt and grime was so much easier to wash off. I've recommended to everyone I can because I'm that amazed at the results.

The Best.

Really helps my hands feel less dry and irritated, even when I put it on and then wear gloves. Helps dirt wash off much faster. Not irritating to my extremely sensitive skin.

Barrier Skin Cream
Steve Scheffel

Great stuff! I like that it goes on, soaks in, and doesn't leave your hands greasy. The greasy aspect, with other creams and lotions, would deter me from moisturizing and protecting my hands, unless my hands were cracking and absolutely needed it. With Workman's Friend, I use it all the time and I know I'm doing the right thing by my hands. Being a keyboard musician who also likes doing home improvement work and projects, my hands are my best tool and asset. Protecting and caring for them is absolutely essential for my having a good quality of life. Now, with my discovery of Workman's Friend, I know I can do that.

Dry hands

I work in a warehouse and my hands get all dry and start cracking. I've tried many different hand lotions, and this one is by far the best!! It had improved my hands tremendously!! Thank you Workman's Friend!! I work at Uline, and my hand cream came in our box, so thank you for ordering from us!!!!

Great for artists

I am an artist and my hands are rough and dry. These products have really helped them soften and hydrate. The hand wash is like an exfoliation cleanser and make your hands feels smooth after its rinsed off. And the hand lotion is easily absorbed into my skin not greasy like other lotions can be.

Comfort for your hands

Almost as soon you put on your hands feel a lot better

Big help!

All three products in this bundle are gentle and do not irritate my eczema prone skin. Also, they don't irritate any small abrasions or cuts. The protective lotion is not slippery under nitrile gloves. It is a big help because I work in food service and massage therapy, so my hands have to stay in good shape.


I purchased this for my husband who is a welder. This has worked WONDERS on his hands. He now uses the barrier cream as a part of his daily care routine. Definitely recommend!

Barrier Skin Cream
Teresa Rhoades
Love it

The cream really works good.It keeps my hands and nails really clean

Great for contact allergies!

I am a woodworker with a contact allergy to wood dust. This stuff is great at keeping me rash free. I have to reapply every time I wash my hands, but it really helps.

Their customer service is a bit unimpressive. I ordered this bulk pack expecting 10 10oz tubes based on their main page (which I now know has a typo). I contacted customer service about returning the small tubes and getting larger ones, but after two weeks I still haven't heard back form them.

Barrier Skin Cream
Wanda Barclay
love it!

I bought this for myself after watching the Epic Gardener! Then i thought of my daughter the auto mechanic, yes daughter, and she really loves it too! her hands are very hard to clean at the end of the day and Workman's Friend makes it easier to get off the oil and grease!

Great Product

It definitely helps to make washing grime off your hands easier and keeps then from drying out as bad when working with various items.

Barrier Skin Cream
Gillian O'neill

I love this I work in my garden and the dirt comes right off .. the best stuff ever

It works!

The cream stays in the skin. Gives it time to heal.

Barrier Skin Cream
Maryanne Fournier
It really works!

Workmans friend is very helpful at keeping my hands clean during my gardening. I love it!

Barrier Skin Cream
Bryce Haynes
Workman's Best Friend

The amount of time it takes to clean my hands is exponentially lower than before I started using Workman's Friend.

Barrier Skin Cream
Donna Atchison

Dirt under your nails is a gardeners badge of honor but I'm not trying to impress anyone. A gentle brushing after gardening and the dirt is gone! I need a 5 gallon pail of Workmen's Friend! I love it!

Barrier Skin Cream
Robin Tzucker
Works Great

I saw this on a gardening vlog and ordered one. It works great! I've used it a few times now and I love how quickly and easily my hands wash up after mucking about in the dirt. It also seems to help keep my hands from drying out from so much washing lately. Will definitely purchase again!

Works great not greasy use it every night before going to bed for overnight healing

Barrier Skin Cream
Diane Jones

I'm pleased. Product performs as advertised. Next time I'll buy a larger size. Ty!