4 Best Summer Activities for Kids

Summer has officially arrived and the kids are out of school for the next two months. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or work full-time, this time of year requires a little extra thought and planning. Having children out of their school-year routine can make even the most patient parent feel pushed to their limit. Yet, there are hundreds of different activities available to children in a range of ages. The key is to know what your children will enjoy and to do your research.


Full-day art, half-day soccer, the range of special-interest camps can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. Before you register your child for anything like this, consider your budget and compare that to the number of children you have. Perhaps you only have enough to enroll your children in two half-day programs? Or maybe one child doesn’t want to attend a camp? Suddenly that provides you with the money needed to enroll the second child in a full-day program. Whatever your budget, rest assured there is a special-interest camp out there for them. Start by looking online for what is available in your area. Ask friends with children who are of a similar age as yours if they know of any programs. Remember, since school is already out many of these camps are likely already full. But there is always a chance your child can be waitlisted or enrolled if there are any last-minute cancellations.


Water parks, petting zoos, fruit orchards, and museums, these are just some of the different outings you can take part in once school is out. Many of these establishments have summer passes and coupons designed for families that offer access at a discounted rate. Again, the most important thing is to do your research. Instead of showing up at your local zoo only to realize you’ve missed ‘family day’ and the reduced entry fees that accompany it, look online prior to going. Other ways to cut down on the costs of outings is to bring your own lunch, snacks or car pool with other families. Additionally, sometimes amusement parks or movie theatres have discounted tickets if you go between certain hours or less occupied times, for example 2-4pm. Outings don’t have to break the bank. They’re designed to provide you and your kids a chance to make memories together.

Crafts & Games

Perhaps one of the easiest things to do during summer months is let them play on the computer or IPad. Though some screen time can be enjoyable often what starts out as an allotment of one hour ends up being upwards of two to three. That’s when other stay-at-home activities become important. They could include making crafts. Whether you decide to go to the store and buy your supplies, or follow instructions online and use existing household ingredients, the important part is the time spent working directly with your child. Other alternatives involve playing card or board games with them. There are many games available for children both young and old. The best part is they don’t involve a computer screen.


With those long and hot summer days ahead of you, don’t let the thought of your children being out of school stress you out. The aforementioned list is just a brief overview of what is available to you and your children during this school holiday. There are many more activities out there all you have to do is research. Remember, summer holidays with your children, is a limited opportunity to spend time watching them learn and grow. All it takes is a little planning.


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