Advantages to Working in the Construction Industry

If you’ve ever considered yourself skilled with a hammer or really enjoyed working with your hands, then perhaps a career in the construction industry is for you. How many professionals can look at a building and confidently say, “I helped build that!” Whether it’s a road, home, sewage system, or school, working in the construction industry is important and can make a tremendous impact on the people in your community. We at Workman’s Friend are in admiration of all those that work in the construction industry. This is why we created a product to help you get the job done. Apply Barrier Skin Cream and your hands will be protected during a hard day’s work. The cream works like a protective glove and provides an invisible, odorless layer of protection that shields skin from skin irritants while also moisturizing. Once the day is done, quickly wash or wipe off handsand your skin is left clean and moisturized. Ready to get to work and start your career? Here are a few advantages of working in this in-demand field.

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Your Choice

To step into a career in the construction industry, you must have a basic set of skills. Those can be learned on the job as an apprentice, laborer, or at a post-secondary institution. However, once you possess those abilities, the trajectory of your career depends on you. The construction industry is a sector where you can climb your way up to leadership and management positions through sheer hard work. Conversely, if you’re someone who prefers the stability and predictability of an established career, there is plenty of room in this industry as well. The length and scale of your career is entirely at your discretion and that is a very attractivefeature.

Make a Difference

Many people that pursue careers in construction have a desire to positively impact their communities. For them it’s about more than looking at a school and saying, “I helped build that.” They want to be able to say, for example, that they constructed the university their children and grandchildren will attend. Or they helped rebuild their neighborhood community center that was destroyed by fire. For them their job means more than simply putting hammer to nail. It’s about leaving a positive legacy for the people they love.

Immediate Results

At the end of every work day a construction worker is one of the few professionals who are able to observe the progress they’ve made. Watching the day-by-day evolution and growth of a project is perhaps one of the most satisfying factors of this industry. Whether you’re working as part of a team or independently, being able to create something that wasn’t there the day before, is what many construction workers find incredibly appealing.

Change is Constant

No two days are the same when working in the construction industry. Every day presents new challenges and tasks as the work progresses and the project takes shape. As a result construction workers must quickly adapt to the constantly changing list of required tasks. Not to mention, the continuous updates to the industry in the form of new legislation or the latest consumer trends. Being flexible and open to change is crucial when working in construction as this industry certainly keeps its workers on their toes.

Profitable Industry

A recent study has found that the global construction industry is worth approximately $10 trillion. Additionally, construction outputs are expected to rise even higher in the next 15 years, around the world. With this comes an increase in demand for skilled construction workers with wages rising to four times the cost of living for builders, surveyors, and site managers. There is money to be made in this evolving industry.

More Than a Trade

To the untrained eye, a career in construction is a standard 9-to-5 job that requires skill but has limited potential for advancement and is predictable at best. But that is this industry’s misconception. For those seeking to work with their hands, in a sector that is constantly changing, gratifying, and in-demand then the construction industry is for you. Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream is here to help you begin your career. Apply, get to work, and your hands will be protected and moisturized no matter what the day brings.So what are you waiting for? Put down that pen and pick-up a hammer!


Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream is light-weight and odorless product. A simple application of our non-greasy, formula means your hands will be moisturized and protected. This is the perfect cream for anyone who works in the construction industry.
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