Customer Experience: Gardening Digest Summer 2019

Here are some of the latest reviews of our Workman's Friend Barrier Skin Cream on Amazon from our Gardening fans this Summer:

  • I am out in my yard and garden the majority of almost every day. When I saw this hand cream advertised on a gardening site, I was very skeptical on the glowing review they gave on how good of help this was as a skin barrier. Just rub your hands and forearms with this hand cream prior putting on your garden gloves. When you are finally done for the day, take off your gloves then be amazed on how clean your hands are when you wash them. Make sure to incorporate under your fingernails when applying to. This product truly does help tremendously!
  • Workman's does exactly what it advertises. I used it for the first time, gardening and using blue lawn dye. Clean up was easy. My hands were not dried up or rough. I am a believer in Workman's. I just love it when I find a great product.
  • I am very pleased with this. My soil is very dark an stains my hands when I plant flowers or vegetables. This barrier cream keeps my hands protected. It goes on just like lotion an feels amazing on the hands!!! Highly recommend
  • I used this for gardening for the first time today, and it gave positive results. This year the soil seems to be drying out my hands more than in the past (getting older?) and I thought I'd try this after watching someone promote it on YouTube. My hands were definitely in better shape after getting back in the house and washing up... it's definitely worth the money to use. I'd buy it again and intend to keep using it.
  • This is an amazing product for anyone who is getting their hands dirty.
    But particular call out to those of us who work in the yard, in the dirt and soil. Gardeners, you should check it out.
  • It goes on smoothly and quickly (no scent at all) and creates this amazing barrier for your skin. Dirt slides off quickly when you wash off. I use this even under gloves. Excellent product.
  • I got this for my mom because she does lots of gardening. She loves it and says it works great.
  • I garden for a living & my hands always look horrible in the summer months. I have tried several and expensive. Nothing seems to do the job. Some work for an hour or two but need to be reapplied constantly throughout the day. Then I found this stuff! What a life saver! My hands have literally never looked better. My skin is no longer cracked and peeling & my nails look amazing(for a gardner's nails). It feels hydrating, but not greasy. As far as being a "barrier"...I can't comment. I don't notice dirt or sap coming off any easier as others have mentioned. But my hands are definitely much healthier which could be because there is a barrier protecting them? I definitely would (and do) recommend this to everyone.
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