Customer Experience: Moses Patron-California Painting

Moses Patron

(Moses on the Left)

When Moses Patron isn’t painting homes and schools for a living, this Long Beach, California resident spends his time traveling. Having been to several countries including Spain, Italy, and Greece, he says traveling inspires his work, “I find it fascinating to see what structures they paint, the techniques they use, and the bright colors they choose.”

As a full-time commercial painter for the Long Beach Unified School District, Patron spends his Mondays to Fridays painting, plastering, and dry-walling some of the district’s 85 schools. But when his day job ends, he swaps brushes and devotes his evenings to painting and restoring private homes throughout the greater Los Angeles area. As the owner of Paint It and Restore It (Patron Painting Quality Craftsmanship) he says, “I love turning something old into something new. Not to mention the client’s reactions after they see the results of our hard work.” 

It was during a day of hard work when Patron first discovered Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream. He had just walked into his regular paint supply store when he spotted the black and yellow bottle in the aisle, “I thought to myself, ‘oh this looks cool’ let’s try it!” His initial impression was good. He liked that Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream was non-greasy, “I don’t normally use lotion, but I like the way it keeps my hands so soft.” Patron enjoys the way it helps ease his clean-up, “even though I still get paint on my hands, with Workman’s Friend I can just wipe it off.” He is also partial to the way Workman’s Friend protects his hands from so many of the harsh chemicals (i.e. paint stripper) he uses while painting.

Additionally, Patron has found a new use for our cream. “I used to use Vaseline on my face to protect it from the overspray (paint splatter) when spraying a house with paint.”  Now he uses Workman’s Friend and Patron loves that cleaning his face has become a lot easier, “all I have to do is take a rag and wipe my face of the splatter” there is no more need to scrub endless in front of a mirror.

Unfortunately, Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream has not been able to make the parts of Patron’s job he doesn’t enjoy go more smoothly, “I really don’t like sanding or taping, you know all of the prep work that is needed before you start painting.”  But like his discovery of our cream, he is always on the lookout for “anything that makes my job easier.” We hear you Moses! Another satisfied Workman’s Friend customer.

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