Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

For many of us at Workman’s Friend, when we were young Halloween crafts involved a black pipe cleaner, a stick of glue and some aluminum foil. The supplies available to make ghoulish crafts and the ideas were limited. That was before the advent of the internet and social media. In 2018, the creative ideas and unique supplies now offered, take Halloween crafting to a whole other level. While researching the millions of spooky ideas for this article, we at Workman’s Friend were overwhelmed and amazed by the variety and skill-level involved. The following is a compilation of some of the more unique Halloween craft ideas for kids.

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Marshmallow Ghost Stamps

This type of stamp art is a perfect craft for pre-school or kindergarten-aged children. Make sure you buy square shaped marshmallows for this project.

Start by using kitchen scissors snip your marshmallow into a ghost-like shape. That means rounding out the edges so it has the unique phantom look. Using a straw, press one of the ends all the way through your ghost twice to make a set of eyes. Then push the straw through the marshmallow towards the bottom to make a hole for the ghost’s mouth.

Separately, fill a small paper plate with white paint. Insert a toothpick into the back of your ghost, it will act as a handle and dip your phantom in the paint. Then on a black piece of construction paper, or on any other surface you chose to decorate, stamp it with your soft ghost.

Remember before you start dipping your marshmallow ghosts in the glue apply a thin layer of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream to you and your tiny crafter’s hands. This will make the clean-up after stamping that much sweeter!

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Q-Tip Skeleton Hand

There is nothing in the crafting world that screams skeleton bones more than white Q-tips. One of the most innovative crafts involving this personal hygiene product is making a skeleton hand. To begin apply a layer of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream to their hands, and arms as well as your own. Then coat their forearm and the palm of their hand with white paint. Using a black piece of construction paper gently press down the child’s arm and hand to leave a good imprint. Then using Q-tips glue them down over top of the arm imprint to make them look like bones.

Thanks to Workman’s Friend barrier skin cream, when you’re finished with the project, rinse the paint off of your crafter’s arm and hands using water, wipe and you’re clean. There’s no need for either of you to scrub your hands and forearms with soap.

Popsicle Stick Spider Webs

Using three Popsicle sticks glue them in the center together to make a spiderweb or snowflake-like form. Remember to apply Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream before using the glue. It will make the clean-up at the end easier.

Once the glue is dry, cut anywhere between 6-8 ft. worth of yarn. Tie one end around the center of your Popsicle web. Then wrap the yarn around each spoke of the web form. Remember to wrap over the top of each stick rather than underneath. This will make your wreath look more realistic. Continue to wrap your way around your Popsicle sticks making sure you space the yarn slightly apart, just like a real spider web. When you reach the ends of your sticks, tie a knot. You can leave a little excess yarn after the knot to suspend your spider webs from the window or ceiling. Don’t forget to add plastic spiders to your web. A little dollop of glue on their feet will anchor them to your yarn.

Thanks to The Crafty Chicks for this fun and easy craft idea and their lovely photo of the finished product!

Spooky Factor

Let’s be honest, there are more kids Halloween craft ideas out there than there are days in the year. You can never be short on ideas and for that matter supplies. From Popsicle sticks to Q-tips, almost any household product can be used as a crafting tool turning an ordinary project into a spooky one. However, what is often in short supply is time, especially with the little crafters in your life. That’s why we at Workman’s Friend encourage all of our users to apply a thin layer of our cream before they begin gluing, pasting, wrapping, cutting or painting. This will not only make the clean-up easier, but it will also allow you to spend more time with your loved ones making this time of year a ghoulish one!


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Image Credit: The Crafting Chicks

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