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World Juggling Day

            There are some people who can juggle three or four balls in the air, figuratively meaning they can handle multiple responsibilities at once. Then there are others who can juggle three to four balls in the air, literally and they will be celebrated on June 15, World Juggling Day. This holiday recognizes the amazing achievements of skill and dexterity that are required in this ancient sport. At Workman’s Friend we are not successful jugglers not for lack of trying. But we are in awe of the styles and tools used by these artists from around the world. That’s why on June 15, we encourage all of our customers to apply a little bit of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream, pick up a few tennis balls and start juggling (or at least try)! Rest assured we’ll be doing the same.

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            One of the first references to juggling was in an ancient Egyptian tomb. Women jugglers can be seen amongst the acrobats, dancers, and other artists in one of the crypt’s wall paintings. These depictions are believed to have been created 2000 years before the birth of Jesus. From then there is no reference of juggling until the rise of the Greek civilization some 1500 years later. Jugglers began appearing in Greek art, usually as pottery decoration and most of them were women. It was a popular art form during the Roman civilization until its fall and consequently juggling fell into disgrace. That is, it was uncool to juggle. With the arrival of the Middle Ages the popularity of juggling returned. The Town Council of Nuremburg Germany had a full-time ‘Ball-Master’ or juggler on their payroll in 1680. It wasn’t until the start of the 1800s that juggling began to develop into the form we recognize today. By the start of this century most jugglers could be found in traveling circuses or Vaudeville acts. In the 1950s juggling enjoyed resurgence but this time as form of recreation or sport. There are many associations and societies that have formed to bring people together who share a mutual love of juggling.

How to celebrate World Juggling Day

            If you have a friend or family member who is a juggler then on June 15, take the time to compliment them on their skill. You can even ask them to put on a little show, a chance for them to show off their talents. If you’re feeling even more adventurous why not take this time to learn how to juggle yourself? You can start small and work your way up from two props, to three, four, etc….

            Do a little research and find a juggling class or association that you may want to join. This is an excellent way to find some of the most talented people in this sport that live in your area.

            Don’t forget before you start throwing balls or other objects around apply a thin layer of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream. Our non-greasy formulation means your hands will remain moisturized but they won’t be slippery as you practice juggling.

            Another way to observe World Jugglers Day is by attending a professional show or buying tickets for a circus. Famous acrobatic troops or circuses include: the Canadian Cirque Du Soleil. They always feature individuals or group juggling troops whose talents will leave you speechless.

One Ball at a Time

            You may be able to handle multiple responsibilities at a time, but can you juggle? There are several different ways to celebrate World Juggler’s Day on June 15. It is a relatively easy sport to learn but an extremely difficult one to master. But one thing remains; the same juggling continues to amaze onlookers like it did almost forty centuries ago.

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