How to Clean Your Car like a Professional

You always refer to her as ‘she’ because to you, she’s human. When you step out of the house in the morning, there she is and greets you with a smile.  This lady has heard you sing your heart out, (albeit off tune) and has been there when you had a silent cry. She’s your car. Whether she’s a 1952 red mustang, a mini-van, or a two-door European sports car you are her proud owner.  Your car is much more than the vehicle that gets you from point A to point B. She’s a member of your family. It’s for that reason you need to take good care of her. That means more than the occasional gas-station car wash. What it entails is regular maintenance both inside and out. At Workman’s Friend, we feel the same way about our car. That’s why we’ve assembled the following list of tips and tricks to get your car extra clean, to treat her the way she deserves.

Wash her

Washing your car will remove the dirt, dust, and mud, that inevitably builds up on it while, driving on the road. It’s important that you rinse your car first before applying the soap. Remember always use car not dish or detergent soap to get it clean. These products can damage the paint or can strip your vehicle of its wax. Once you’ve rinsed the car of the soap, then using either clean cloths, or a mitt dry it off.

Prime the body

The scratches, small bumps and stains such as tree sap become even more visible once your car has been washed. That’s why you need to use a clay bar. Similar to a piece of modeling clay, the bar needs to be kneaded into a thin wafer. Spray a little bit of a car-detailing solution onto the bar and then gently massage it over the surface of your car.

Polish and wax your car

Polishing your car is comparable to applying moisturizer to your body. The polish can be applied using a tool or by hand. Either way the product will add a gloss and a depth of color to your vehicle, seemingly making it soft to the touch.

Once the polish has dried then it’s time to apply the wax. Just as polish is like moisturizer for your car, wax acts like a sunscreen. It creates a barrier protecting your vehicle from the harsh rays of the sun which fade the color very quickly. The wax preserves the shine of your car and comes in two types: carnauba or polymer. The latter is more expensive but many say it dries more quickly, is easier to apply, and can be wiped off right after application. Whichever one you choose, make sure to follow the instructions so that it goes on smoothly.

Clean the windows

After all the attention the body of your car has gotten it’s time to shift your focus to your car windows. Start with a clean cloth and spray window cleaner designed for cars. Avoid using Windex or any ammonia-based products as they will leave streaks on your windows.  They can also damage the tinting on the glass. Make sure to wipe your windows two times to ensure the entire product has been removed.

Don’t forget the wheels

They may not be as visible as the body of your car, but don’t overlook the importance of cleaning your wheels. Your rims and tires need more than mere soap and water. They require a product designed specifically for that part of the car. Follow the instructions and apply the wheel cleaner using a soft clean cloth.

Take it for a drive

Now that your car is clean, it’s time to show it off. Whether that means parking it out on the driveway for the neighbors to see or taking it for a spin, there is a certain feeling that only driving a clean car can bring. In the meantime, make sure you properly store all your cleaning products and wash all the mitts and cloths you’ve used. If you are a true car-lover, you’ll be cleaning her again in no time!


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