National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

It is believed the more colorful your diet the better your health will be and that is certainly true. In this case colorful refers to fruits and vegetables and there is no better time to add a little color to your diet than in June, National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month. At Workman’s Friend we are big advocates of eating produce, from leafy greens and shiny red apples, to juicy tomatoes, and bright yellow bananas, in our world, the more of these foods we consume the better. But if you’re not a colorful eater, so to speak, there are a few ways to celebrate fruit and vegetables month. One of those ways involves using Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream. Read on to learn more.

Plant a Garden

Observe this special month by starting your own garden. Whether you want to grow tomatoes or plant a lemon tree, anything that produces edible results is certainly a tasty reward for your hard work. Before you grab your shovel or spade and start digging, do a little online research. Learn about what fruits and vegetables are best suited to your climate. Then make sure you’ve got the right tools, the free time, and the space in your yard to grow this garden. Once that’s complete, apply a thin layer of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream and start digging. Our product will keep your hands moisturized while you work with the earth. It will also make cleaning your hands easier, a simple wash and wipe is all it takes to get them clean.

Throw a Celebratory Party

We’re not talking about hosting just any type of party. Why not throw a vegetarian party? No, not a meal just for vegetarians, but a party that serves only fruits and vegetables. If you’ve never cooked or grilled without using meat, this type of party will force you to think outside the box. Do a little bit of research online before the event to look up recipes that use only fruits and vegetables. This type of celebration doesn’t mean you can’t use your grill – just the opposite. There are plenty of vegetable kabobs and other recipes including ones with fruit that require the barbecue.

Don’t forget to apply a thin layer of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream on your hands before you start begin grilling. Our formulation means once you’re done cooking all you have to do is rinse your hands and the grime and smell of the barbecue is gone!

Try Something New

If you’re looking at a fruit in your grocery store and aren’t quite sure what it is, why not try it? June is the time to wander into the unfamiliar. Instead of buying your usual carrots, apples and pears, why not try dragon fruit or daikon? There are probably hundreds of different types of fruits and vegetables at your local grocery store you’ve never even tasted. This is your chance. Even if you don’t like the taste or the texture at least you’ve tried something new.

The same rule can be applied to how you prepare your fruits and vegetables at home. Have you ever blended a smoothie? Or replaced your usual white rice with shredded cauliflower? There are endless ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your daily meal preparation. All it takes is a little time and creativity to do so.

A Colorful Beginning

You are never too old or too young to learn the value of eating your fruits and vegetables. Not only with they make you feel better and promote good health but they will open your mind to the endless ways food can be prepared. So as the National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month marches forward, seize this opportunity to learn more about these glorious food groups. You will be pleasantly surprised!
Advice National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

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