Tips for Indoor Painting in the Winter

Your garden is buried under a foot of snow, and building that addition onto your master bedroom will have to wait till the ground thaws, but there is one home improvement job you can do in the winter. In fact, doing this in the colder months is actually a better idea than trying to do it in the summer: indoor painting. If you’ve never painted while the wind and snow are blowing outside, then you’re missing a perfect opportunity. The following are a few advantages of getting out your brushes and drop cloths to paint in the winter.

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Paint will dry faster

If you’ve always painted during the warmer summer months then you know how long it takes for it to dry. This is especially true if you’ve tried to paint in a very humid climate (i.e. Florida or Texas). It can take upwards of two days for only your first layer to dry.

Winter weather, by comparison, is cold, crisp and far less humid allowing for your paint to dry quicker. However, to take advantage of this time of year, your windows will have to be open (or at least cracked) for you to ventilate the room with cold air. Before you paint, don’t forget to apply a layer of Workman’s Friend barrier skin cream. It will keep your hands moisturized as you paint. Our cream will also make clean up after you’ve completed the job a snap. All you have to do is rinse and wipe your hand and you’re done.

Professional help is cheaper

What many homeowners don’t realize is that professional painters are usually less busy during the colder months. As a result they are less expensive with some estimations being that painting the inside of your home during the winter can help save you up to 40%. Additionally, because contractors are not as in demand, they will be more willing to work around your schedule (rather than you having to work around theirs).

Occupies your snow days

Maybe you have a little bit of time off between Christmas and New Year’s, your office is closed due to a winter storm, or your weekend plans are cancelled because of the weather. Whatever your reason for being at home, take advantage of this time and start painting. Most people don’t want to be stuck inside on a sunny and warm day in the summer. The gloomier and colder winter weather is a perfect opportunity to complete that paint job. Then when the warmer temperatures return you can spend it outside doing what you love most.

Remember always apply a thin layer of Workman’s Friend barrier skin cream before starting any paint project. Not only will it protect your hands from the paint’s harsh drying chemicals but it will make getting your hands clean a cinch.

Maximize your home’s value

If you are planning to sell your home, professional real estate advisors suggest waiting until spring to list it. Part of preparing your home to be listed includes giving it a fresh coat of paint. Choosing to paint the interior of your home in the wintertime will give you an advantage over other homeowners hoping to list in the spring. It will also allow you more free time in the spring to take care of tasks around your home that can only be done in the warmer weather. 

Start Rolling

Traditionally, many people consider the winter months a time to stay indoors, watch movies, eat and lounge around the house. Though there is plenty of time for that, this season can provide you with that extra time you need to paint the inside of your home. Whether it’s a single room or the entire home, make the most of your time indoors, so that when the ground thaws and your plants start to grow again you can get outside.


Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream is light-weight and odorless product. A simple application of our non-greasy, formula means your hands will be moisturized and protected from common irritants.

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