Tips for Protecting Skin During Your Winter Vacation

Your snow suit is packed, your skis are waxed, and you’ve got a new pair of long johns. It looks like you’re all set for your annual winter vacation to the mountains. But before you get in that car or board that plane for your post-Christmas or New Year's trip did you bring protection? Your winter skin protection, that is.

At Workman’s Friend, the only thing that makes us more excited than the holiday season is what comes afterward, the annual holiday ski trip. Whether you cross country, downhill or sit in the ski lodge and drink hot cocoa, the winter trip is a part of your family traditions, unfortunately so is dry skin.  Below are a tips and suggestions on how to protect your skin during this excruciatingly dry time of the year.

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During the warm summer months you may have only needed a light moisturizer to keep your skin soft. But as the humidity drops in the colder months and we turn on the heat in our homes, both elements suck the moisture out of our skin. The drier weather also strips the natural oils that your epidermis produces. A light moisturizing cream such as Workman’s Friend barrier skin cream is the perfect solution for keeping your hands hydrated at this time of year. It acts like an invisible barrier, preventing moisture loss while keeping your hands hydrated. It is also a light-weight cream which means it won’t feel heavy and greasy on your hands.

Avoid Showers

No, we’re not talking about avoiding showering altogether. Instead what we’re referring to is avoiding those searing hot showers that we take during the winter months to warm up. They may feel incredibly good at the time, but you’re really doing your skin a disfavor. That heat strips the moisture from your skin very quickly. Not to mention the heat of the water can also burn the delicate outer layer of your epidermis, thereby drying it even further.

If you can’t deny yourself a shower, then try turning down the heat and take a luke-warm shower. Of equal importance is to pat dry your skin with a towel once you step out of the shower as opposed to rubbing it which dries it even more. And of course apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp, that includes slathering on a layer of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream on your hands and forearms.


They used to be large and cumbersome pieces of equipment which would make a hissing noise for hours on end. A lot has changed since then. Today’s humidifiers are compact in size, easy to use and operate quietly. You may think using one during the winter months is a bit extreme. But in reality they are an extremely useful tool to have in the home. Heating, whether it’s central or a space heater removes the humidity from the air. By comparison, a humidifier adds moisture back into the air and keeps your skin from drying out. So, the more of these tiny machines you have in your home, the better your skin will feel to the touch.

Protect Yourself

As you make your list of things to pack for your annual winter trip, it’s important to consider the items you’ll need to have on hand to protect your skin. First and foremost is a tube of Workman’s Friend Skin Barrier Cream because you can’t properly moisturize your hands without it. Then review the other suggestions we made and evaluate what will work for your situation. Once that’s all figured out, it’s all downhill from there or is it cross-country? Enjoy your trip!


Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream is light-weight and odorless product. Apply a dime-sized portion of our non-greasy, formula on each hand. Then rub them together to ensure the cream has been properly absorbed.

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