Top 5 Essential Tools for Modern Gardening

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Imagine if there was an app to tell you when your plants needed to be watered?  What if you no longer had to pull weeds out of the grass and instead you could burn them? These gardening tools might sound fictitious or imagined, but the reality is they actually exist and are on the market today. At Workman’s Friend, we researched and learned about many of today’s most advanced tools. Based on that work we’ve composed a list of the most out-of-this-world devices designed to bring your gardening into the 21st century.

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Self-Watering Pots

If you’re like many beginner gardeners one of the main reasons your plants die is due to either too much or not enough water. This problem can be rectified if you buy a self-watering or an intuitive pot. There are several brands of pots currently available on the market. They even keep your plant soil from getting to soggy. Most of these self-watering pots are available in stylish color and have a minimal look.

There are also several other self-watering and self-monitoring gardening devices. One in particular is an air purifier. All you have to do is water your potted plant and place it on the water purifier. It will notify you when it’s time to water again and it also helps to evaporate the excess water and accelerate the process of photosynthesis.

Watering Lights

This is the epitome of killing two birds with one stone, the sprinkler pathway light.  This revolutionary design is aimed at simplifying the garden by integrating walkway lighting with a sprinkler system. The solar-powered light is intended to be installed into an existing underground sprinkler system. It can retracted just like the sprinkler heads to make lawn mowing easier. Once properly connected your sprinkler system can either water your lawn or illuminate it at night. Anyone who has a sizeable yard understands how difficult it can be to light the walkway at night. With a sprinkler pathway light, that problem is solved.

Flame Weeder

All gardeners can relate to developing a sore back while pulling up weeds. Now that problem can be solved using fire. This device is called a flame weeder. It is comprised of a metal wand that is attached to a propane tank. When lit, the wand becomes a torch and can incinerate weeds. It’s important to keep in mind that this torch will burn anything within a couple of feet, so it’s best not to use it on your lawn or flower beds. But if you’ve got weeds growing in the cracks of your driveway or sidewalk, this is the tool for you.

Multi-Functional Gardening Tools

Can you imagine a four-in-one gardening tool with a sleek design? No need to imagine because it already exists, in fact there are several versions of this tool already on the market. The best ones have two types of shovels, a hoe and a broom. They reduce the amount time spent walking to and from your gardening shed. They are also an extremely cool tool to show off to your gardening friends.

Solar-Powered Lawn Mower

Imagine being able to mow your lawn with the touch of a button? You no longer need to imagine because that button and the subsequent lawn mower already exist. Solar-powered mowers have been around for a while but now many of them offer an app which provides even more convenience. This advantage of this type of mower is that it doesn’t need to be charged, equipped with a large solar panel it harnesses the sun’s power to do its work. If you are someone who likes their lawn well-manicured (i.e. mowed more than once a week), or have a lot of grass to cut (i.e. more than one acre), then this is the device for you.

Gardening with ease

It used to be that gardening meant many hours of back-breaking work in the hot summer sun. With the modern tools described above, that type of work is not the case anymore.  The idea with any new invention is to reduce the amount of effort needed to complete a task. In this case that means growing a beautiful garden. Though the inventions above do just that, there is something no gadget or tool can replace and that is the feeling of seeing results of your hard work in beautiful flowers, fruits or vegetables. Happy gardening! 


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Barrier Skin Cream Sample Sachet for 1-2 uses

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