Your Garage Spring Cleaning Guide

Your garage may be where you park your car, store your pedal and motor bikes, stow your gardening tools and all your hunting gear. Or it may be the place where you sit around a flat screen T.V. and watch your favorite sports game, where your wife practices her yoga, or where your kids film their YouTube videos. Needless to say, your garage has many different uses. The key to maximizing the use of your space is to keep it organized. There is no better time to organize it than in the spring. So before you jettison all of your garage’s content out onto the driveway, apply some Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream. It will help to remove the grime and dirt from your hands at the end of the day. With a simple wipe of a cloth or rinse your hands will be clean. No more, heavy scrubbing. That way the only proof you’ve organized your garage is the tidy space itself!

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Empty it

Once your Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream is on your hands, start emptying your garage. We mean take every last piece in that space and put it out on your driveway. It may sound like a lot of effort, but it will help you see what you’ve accumulated and it will make managing the contents that much easier.

As you slowly empty the garage separate your stuff into what you want to keep, what belongs in another room, what is to be donated, and of course what should be thrown out. Take it one step further by dividing the items you’ve decided to keep into similar piles (i.e. all automotive equipment in one stack, etc.).

Anything items such as old paint or automotive supplies for example that are considered hazardous should go in their own pile. Call your city or municipal authority to learn how best to dispose of these items.

There is an Order to Everything

Whether you decide to work from top to bottom or left to right, visually plan how you’re going to clean your now empty garage space. Once you’ve figured out a plan, before you start apply a layer of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream to your hands. It will protect them from the irritation often resulting from using harsh cleaning products to get that nasty grime out.

Using tools such as damp cloths or rags start wiping down your shelving surfaces, railings, or any other countertop you use to store items. Get up on your step stool or ladder to take a good look at those shelves and make sure there are no surprises (i.e. dead mice or bugs).

With a broom you can lift the cobwebs from the ceiling, and out of the corners on the floor of your garage. Not to mention you can sweep the floor. If you’ve got oil and grease stains, a specialized soap, a bucket of hot water and a metal bristle brush will go a long way to cleaning that up. You want your floor as clean as possible before storing any items in the garage.

As the floor dries, take a look at the rest of your garage features. Light switches and fixtures, door knobs, door jams and the back of the garage door could probably all need a wipe down.

Zone it out

If your garage is like most of ours, it serves many different functions and is used by all members of your family. It is crucial that you keep the equipment for each purpose separate. This will allow you to remain organized in the long run. You don’t want your wife’s yoga mat mixed up in your automotive products.

Many organizing experts suggest looking online for ideas as to how to compartmentalize your garage space. Ideas include, storing your holiday decorations in large transparent bins stacked one on top of the other so you can see what’s in them. Using vertical shelves or a large storage unit with built-in shelves is another option if you’ve got different shaped items that serve the same purpose (i.e. hunting gear). The key is to plan it out prior to moving any of your items back into your garage.

Put it Away

You can breathe a sigh of relief because the end of your garage cleaning is near. At the beginning you had separated all of the stuff you wanted to keep into similar groups. Now take those items and start storing them in your spotless garage. Don’t forget, before you do any moving, to apply a dollop of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream on your hands. As they get dirty from handling all the stuff, you’ll know cleaning your hands at the end will be a simple and pain-free process. When your driveway is empty and your garage is nicely organized, take a break and enjoy the new look of your old space. Then you can start on organizing the kitchen! Happy spring cleaning.


Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream is light-weight and odorless product. Apply a dime-sized portion of our non-greasy, formula on each hand. Then rub them together to ensure the cream has been properly absorbed.

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