6 Easy and Simple Summer Home Projects

Let’s face it, there’s only so much lounging in the sun, playing Frisbee and enjoying summer barbecues you can do before that nagging feeling starts. You know that feeling. It comes along when you think of all those household projects that you’ve been putting off all winter. Well, now’s the perfect opportunity to take them on. You don’t have any excuses. Don’t worry you’re not alone. We at Workman’s Friend also have a long list of projects that are either partially finished or not even started, with the sunny and warm weather now’s the time to seize the opportunity and get them done.

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Whether it is finishing painting your daughter’s bedroom or painting the outside of your home. Summer is the perfect time to put brush to wall and complete these projects. You may need a small quart of paint or a few gallons to get things done, but the warmer weather is ideal for starting or finishing this task.

Pest Control

Setting traps or spraying the outside perimeter of your home there are many ways you can curb the insect and pest population on your property. Not only does warmer weather give you a chance to complete this project but it’s also the time of year when bugs and pests are out in full force. Simple tips such as storing fire wood off the ground and at least 5 feet away from your home will prevent mice, rats and spiders from building their homes within the stack. It is also recommended that you trim your bushes and trees so that your greenery doesn’t touch the side of your home or its foundation. Pick-up any garden trash or waste and dispose of it properly. By doing this, you’re eliminating potential places for insects to hide and reproduce.

Seal Wood

Is your wood deck looking a little tired and faded? Or maybe it’s cracked and splintering? Summer is a perfect time to restore your deck and make it look like a million dollars for a fraction of the cost. A quick stop by your local home improvement store is all you need to pick up the supplies and to rent the tools you need to do so. Maybe you’ve got rotting wood that needs replacement or you need to stain and repaint it? The warm weather is ideal for this type of project and if you don’t do it every 2 to 3 years, you’ll be forced to replace your deck entirely. Yes, that too will make your deck look like a million dollars but it will certainly come with a much heftier price tag!

Clean Gutters

No more ice and cold temperatures, means no more excuses for cleaning out your rain gutters. Using either your own ladder or a borrowed one from your neighbors, carefully scale it making sure you’ve got someone holding the base so that you don’t fall. You can use your hands and scoop out the leaves and debris in them. Then with a garden hose push the rest of the debris down the drain pipes. While you’re up there check for any holes, breaks or defects. Again, summer is a perfect time to ensure your rain gutters are working well. 


A simple tube of caulking from your home improvement store is all it takes to fill the holes and cracks around your home’s windows. If you’ve been feeling the drafts and cold temperatures through the winter, now’s the time to fix that. Not only will you be saving money on your heating bill next winter, but you’ll lower your cooling bill this summer as well, by keeping indoor air in and outdoor air out. Additionally, a simple inspection of your window frames while your caulking will highlight any cracks that allow water to enter. It’s this moisture that seeps into your walls causing rot and mildew.

One Last Project

The projects listed above are simply designed to help you get started on your summer to do list. There are many more things you can take care of during the warmer weather including mulching, caring for your lawn, and cleaning your windows. The most important part is to balance completing these projects while you enjoy your sun-filled days and time with your family. At Workman’s Friend, we too have a long list of summer home projects that we need to complete. So what are you waiting for? Get started on one of those projects today and check it off your list. We’re right behind you!     


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