Best Hand Cream for Frequent Washing: Medical Professionals, Teachers & More

For medical professionals who perform surgery, scrubbing-in is just that, standing in front of an industrial sink while vigorously scrubbing your hands and forearms with disinfecting soap. Then once the surgery is done, more scrubbing is required to completely remove any potential bacteria. Thorough hand washing is an activity that all medical professionals must perform on a regular basis. It can also be one of the harshest things we can do to our sensitive skin. Workman’s Friend can help.

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Our hand cream was not only designed for people that do heavy industrial work. It was created for everyone that relies on their hands as a tool to get the job done. Hand washing is considered one of the most important elements in the fight against the spread of health care associated infections. But the result of frequent hand washing is often dry, flaky and raw skin both on your hands and forearms.

That doesn’t have to be the case. Before you scrub-in, your hands will be protected with a simple application of Workman’s Friend. Our cream is specially designed to prevent moisture. You see, the skin’s natural barrier can be damaged due to the frequent washing. Hot soapy water is notorious for robbing your skin of moisture, leading to dry and scaly hands. Workman’s Friend is designed to stop that by acting as a hydration barrier. An application of our cream protects your skin and locks in the moisture.

Frequent hand washing is not unique to people working in the medical field. For other professions such as a teacher or childcare worker, hand washing is critical to preventing the spread of infection among children. But if you are a teacher that doesn’t have the chance to get to a sink, hand sanitizer is another option Yes, it is a disinfectant, but it’s also a great way to quickly rob your skin of much needed moisture. If you’re a child-care worker who uses a full bottle of sanitizer in two days, then you’re familiar with dry and irritated skin on your hands.  Let Workman’s Friend make those angry hands a thing of the past. With its long-lasting hydration formula, you don’t have to worry about moisturizing your hands for up to four hours after the initial application.

Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream is your secret weapon in the battle for soft hands

Man or woman, if you’ve ever been to a spa, for a facial, waxing or massage you know how important clean hands can be. Sometimes, the esthetician wears gloves, but most often the professional uses their bare hands. The only thing worse than having dirty hands touch you is having dry and scaly hands do the work. That’s why if your favorite massage therapist or facialist has hands that are raw and flaky, before they go to work on you suggest Workman’s Friend. A coating of our light, non-greasy cream can spell the difference between a good and bad massage for you and for them.

Medical Professionals

Before scrubbing-in, remember an application of Workman’s Friend will guarantee soft and supple hands after surgery.


Whether it’s washing your hands or using sanitizer, make your clean but dry hands something of the past with Workman’s Friend.


When performing services that are so personal, it is critical that your hands are clean. A dollop, of our cream will mean the frequent washing you do between client appointments will no longer equal dry skin. 

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