Best Tips For Individual Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season is here! You are looking forward to a hot summer with endless blue skies and rising humidity. But that certainly doesn’t mean you can throw caution to the wind and ignore the importance of preparing yourself in case a hurricane strikes. If you’ve ever lived through a tropical storm or a hurricane, you know that feeling of trying to put together a suitcase or going to the store for supplies when the storm is on its way. At Workman’s Friend, many of us have lived through this type of natural disaster. That’s why we understand the importance of being ready, despite the forecast of unending blue sky.

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The Travel Kit

Individual hurricane preparedness can be broken down into two sections. The first is your travel bag. In the event that your home is evacuated you’re usually given only a few hours sometimes less to pack a bag and get out. If you’re hurricane ready, then that bag (which should be waterproof) ought to have been packed in advance of the storm’s arrival.

In it you must have two days-worth of clothing, including underwear, t-shirts, pajamas, shoes, and shorts. You should also have any medication, glasses, and a first-aid kit in this waterproof bag.

Don’t forget to include your cellular phone, batteries, two flashlights and any other electronic devices you think you may need. It’s important to remember that these devices should be fully charged before you leave your home. You don’t how long you’ll be without electricity.

Of equal importance is a waterproof folder that contains copies of flood and homeowner’s insurance. Also include copies of your identification cards, birth certificates and other documents you might need to prove your identity to a bank, emergency personnel, or government institution. In that folder carry a copy of important phone numbers (in case your cell phone suffers water damage) such as your family, friends, government agencies, and your insurance company.

Lastly, place your travel bag along with those of your family members at your front door. In the event of a mandatory evacuation you’re often lucky to be given an hour before you’re required to leave.

Home Preparedness

The second component of individual hurricane preparedness is having your home ready for the event. That means buying and stocking your house with supplies in the event you are stuck in your home without electricity and running water for an extended period of time.

First and foremost make sure you have at least a week’s worth of bottled water. Each member of your household needs one gallon (3.8 liters) per day. This means you should have 7-14 gallons (26-53 liters) per person. If you have animals or babies that drink formula, you need to account for additional water.

In addition to water, stock your pantry with non-perishable food for at least one week. It’s advisable that you include healthy items such as canned fish, fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to include nut butters, and dried fruit. Make sure the foods you do choose aren’t too salty because that will make you thirstier.

Your cleaning supply closet in your home should be well stocked during hurricane season. Bleach, brooms, mops, cleaning cloths and buckets are all items you will probably be reaching for after the storm has passed. Regardless if your home has flooded there will certainly not be a shortage of floors and surfaces to clean once the storm has come and gone.

Don’t forget to make sure your tools are all in working order prior to the hurricane’s arrival. Items such as rakes, heavy-duty gloves, a utility knife, and a bow saw will all be helpful in removing debris from your home. Even if your property doesn’t suffer any damage, someone in the neighborhood will need help. There is no better feeling than lending a hand after a natural disaster.

Just like you did when organizing your travel bag, make sure your home is stocked with extra batteries, a first aid kit, flashlights, candles, and any electronics you think you may need during and after the storm.

Fill Your Tank

One scenario that people do not plan for is the aftermath should a hurricane strike. Be sure your car has a full tank of gas. Everyone will be filling up their cars before hand, leaving gas station depleted of fuel. After the hurricane has ran through, it could take a week before pumps are refilled. As will the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, my local gas stations were without power, much less gas, for up to a week in most areas of town.

Be Aware

To those that have never endured a hurricane, our tips for storm preparedness may seem rather extreme or exaggerated. Perhaps you think that you’ll get all your supplies once a hurricane warning has been issued. But that is what most experts advise you not to do. Part of your responsibility as a resident of a hurricane prone area is to be prepared during this time of year. In the event of a catastrophic storm, you want to remain calm and able to handle the stress of this type of disaster. Being prepared will help you do just that.





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