Crucial Tips for Staying Hydrated in the Summer Heat


During this intense, sweltering summer sporting record-breaking heatwaves across the United States, paying attention to your body’s hydration should be everyone’s main priority. Your body and all of its cells, tissues, and organs depend on water to survive and function properly. Water helps maintain your body’s temperature and keeps your joints well lubricated and full operational.



Your body requires water every day, so you should plan on consuming about eight 8-ounce glasses of water, spread out throughout the day. Eight glasses are a good average to set as your goal. Some people may require less, while others may require more. If you plan on working outside in the summer heat, you will definitely require more.

Other hydrating options include fruit and vegetable juices, milk, herbal teas, fruits, and vegetables. Though not quite as hydrating as a pure glass of water, these options can help replenish your body in a pinch. Caffeinated sodas can even help with hydration efforts, but you want to stay on top of how much caffeine you are consuming. Caffeine may cause some people to need frequent bathroom breaks or cause a feeling of anxiousness. Sugar levels in sodas should also be taken into consideration and monitored.

Sport drinks can also be used to hydrate your body as they contain carbohydrates and electrolytes that can increase your energy as they provide water for your body to absorb. As with sodas, some sports drinks are very high in added sugars. Some even contain high levels of sodium and caffeine. The safe amount of caffeine for your body’s daily intake is 400 milligrams.



Here are a few tips to keep your body hydrated during the extreme heat we are experiencing this summer. A few minutes of preparation can save your life. 

  • Purchase a good quality water bottle and keep it filled with cold water, refilling as needed throughout the day. If you do not wish to purchase a reusable water bottle, grab a bottle of water sold in the drink section of your local store and refill it throughout the day. Be sure and toss it at the end of the day as these bottles are not meant to be used more than a day.
  • Don’t like the taste of plain water? Add a slice of a lemon or a lime to your drink. If you crave something with less tart, try adding an orange slice.
  • If you are working out, or if you are doing active chores in the yard, drink a glass of water before you begin. Follow that up with water intake during your activities. Once completed, drink another glass of water. Your body is losing a lot of water as you are being active and needs to be rehydrated.
  • Drink a full glass of water with your meal. Sometimes you will feel hungry, but your body is actually trying to tell you that it is thirsty. Drinking a full glass of water with every meal is also a good way to get in your daily allotment of water and can help contribute to weight loss as it helps you feel less full, curbing your appetite so you eat less.
  • Plan out a schedule and stick to it. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up each morning. Drink a full glass of water for lunch. Finish off you day by drinking a full glass of water about an hour before you go to sleep. Do this every day for a few weeks and this will become habit forming.

Water makes up more than half of your body weight. Proper water intake is crucial to your health and well-being. Please take the above tips to heart and be careful during these extreme temperatures we are facing this year.

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