Customer Experience: Barrier Skin Cream Helps Man with Severe Eczema

I suffer from severe eczema since about 17 when I started working around gasoline, oil & then rock salt & liquid road fluid. Nothing the doctors suggested ever worked on me. Tried brand name hand lotion to stop the severe & painful deep cracks & dry skin that got so excessive. My doctor had to cut off the thick painful tough layers of dead skin.

Well, after the 1st little bit of Workman's Friend. I felt relief. The cracks didn’t hurt & when excessive dead skin from the eczema got removed Workman's Friend (with just a dab from the sample) helped the pain, softened my hands and slowed down the excessive dry skin build up. Wow! I’m 48 & had about given up on ever being pain free from eczema.

That sample changed my mind & boy this product works & you don’t need anything but a thin layer. I’ve just placed an order for another 2 x 3.3 oz. tubes. WOW.. Thank you Workman's Friend! I’ve FINALLY found relief that works. Can’t wait to see if it stops oil & paint from sticking since I use both at my employment.

Many Thanks,

Roger Irwin

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