Simple Tips to Celebrate the Earth Day

Her birthday is coming up. How do you plan to celebrate? Buying a cake and a few candles isn’t necessarily what this birthday girl wants. Instead you may consider picking up loose trash in your neighborhood, building a compost pile, or planting a vegetable garden. Why? Because we’re not just celebrating anybody’s birthday, we’re observing Earth Day. On April 22nd, everyone around the world will have the opportunity to thank Mother Earth for everything she does for us. As a thank you to her, we’ve drawn up a list of ways you can get your hands dirty and honor her. But before you start any of these projects, take a moment to apply a thin layer of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream to your hands. With a simple wipe or rinse, it will make cleaning up after this birthday party much easier.

Build a Compost Pile

Healthier flowers, bigger produce, and stronger plants are just some of the benefits of applying compost to your garden. Instead of going to your local big-box store, why not make it at home using your kitchen waste? It’s a great way to reduce the amount of garbage you contribute to landfills. All you need is a bin with a lid and place it in an inconspicuous place in your backyard. Then start collecting waste from your kitchen. The idea is to ensure there are equal amounts of green and brown waste. Anything like vegetables and fruits are considered green waste. Brown waste is dry leaves, wood shavings, and even old newspaper. Mixed together in a bin, they breakdown and eventually become the nutrient rich soil you can use throughout your garden.

Keep in mind to apply a thin layer of our Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream before you start building your compost pile. Cleaning your hands after working with left over kitchen waste can get really dirty. An application of our cream means all you’ll have to do is either wipe or rinse them. The proof of your Earth Day work will be in the garden not on your hands.

Pick up Trash

No we’re not talking about picking up the trash that’s lying around your home. In honor of Earth Day, either as a family or a group, to get out there in your neighborhood and pick up all the loose trash you see. Grab a garbage bag and start collecting everything from glass bottles, cans, and food or its packaging, to cigarette butts, paper, and miscellaneous plastic. It’s important to always wear a pair of heavy duty gloves when doing this type of work. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply some Workman’s Friend before putting them on, just the opposite. Our skin barrier cream will protect your hands from the irritation often associated with wearing gloves. Once you’re done the pickup, separate the trash into recycling or garbage. Then take the time to enjoy your newly clean space.


Whether you decide to plant a shade tree in your yard to help cool your home naturally and reduce your energy usage. Or your family agrees to plant a vegetable garden. There are many different ways to celebrate Earth Day literally in your own backyard. Even if you’ve got a brown thumb instead of a green one, you could donate money to a civic organization whose purpose is to plant trees throughout your city. The idea is to give back to Mother Earth by planting something green either directly or indirectly. And remember, before you start planting a tree or building a garden, apply a dollop of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream to your hands. Once you’re done, they’ll make getting the dirt and grime off of your hands, very easy.

Happy Birthday

Now that you have a few gift ideas for Mother Earth, it’s time to start planning. Are you going to organize a neighborhood trash pick-up or start planning your vegetable garden? The wonderful part about this birthday party is that there are many ways to celebrate Earth Day. So before you buy a cake and some candles, start by doing something ‘green’ for her and then you can enjoy a slice. I don’t think she’d mind!


Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream is light-weight and odorless product. Apply a dime-sized portion of our non-greasy, formula on each hand. Then rub them together to ensure the cream has been properly absorbed.

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