Essential Tips for Staying Hydrated – Life-Saving Suggestions!

Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream offers protection from dirt, grime and plant oils. The big problem during these hot summer months is the heat and threat of dehydration. While you are out in the sun using our Barrier Skin Cream, we want to give you a few crucial, life-saving tips to help as you endure the scorching effects of the summer heat.

1. Start your Day off with a Full Glass of Water
Begin and end your day with an 8 oz glass of water. Even if you do not plan on working out in the summer heat, your body demands hydration. Get into the habit of hydrating your body every morning. You do not realize it, but you are sweating off toxins as you sleep and your body needs to have its fluids refilled. Before you swig a sip of that morning coffee, refresh your cells with an 8 oz glass of water.

Before you go to bed later in the day, charge up your body with a full 8 oz glass of water. Drinking a glass of water before bed provides the fluids your body needs to discharge nasty toxins in your body as you sleep. Do this every night for a week and you will find that you begin waking each morning more refreshed than the previous day.

2. Drink Flavored Water
Some people just do not like drinking water. Years of drinking sweetened sodas will do that to your taste buds. When you are out in the heat, the only true refreshment for your body’s hydration is water. Here is a trick to get you loving water again. Try flavored water. This will but a little spark into your drink and satisfy your cravings for sweets. You can even experiment with creating your own flavored water by infusing your water bottle overnight with water and sliced strawberries or sliced watermelon.


3. Track Your Water Intake with an App
Video games are addicting, especially when they are on your phone. There are apps to help track diet and exercise for your phone and they can be just as addicting…. In a good way! Use your fitness app like a video game. Track you water intake daily. When you reach your daily goal, you win! Unlike a video game, when you win this little game, you are rewarded with something awesome…. YOUR GOOD HEALTH will be your reward!


4. Eat Fruits – Watermelons, Strawberries, Grapes, Etc.
Working in the hot sun takes its toll. Take frequent breaks with a healthy snack of berries, melons, or any juicy fruit. Watermelons are an amazing source of rehydrating fluids! Not only will they help you hydrate along with a big glass of water, but the fruit will provide healthy nutrients your body needs on a daily basis.


5. Take Water Breaks Often
You are out in the scorching heat and you have a deadline. Your well-being is much more important than a deadline. Take plenty of breaks during these hot summer months and rehydrate. Do not return to your chores until you feel you have been hydrated enough to return to the task at hand. Find a good shade somewhere and rest often. You will find that you get your chores completed quicker and more wisely when you are hydrated, fresh and thinking clearly. Proper hydration will help your outdoor projects turn out perfectly.


6. Cut Back on Caffeine and Alcohol
The last thing your body wants when it is dehydrated is a shot of caffeine or alcohol. Your body is in a state of shock and destress when dehydration sets in. Caffeine and alcohol will stress your senses, causing headaches and cramping. The two will also excel the dehydration process, making your risk of severe dehydration a greater risk. Save these drinks as rewards for a job well-done!


7. Purchase a New Water Bottle
Here is one idea to help increase your desire to drink more water… Buy a new water bottle. If you spend money, you know you are going to want to get your money’s worth out of the purchase. Plus, having a new toy is always fun. Look online and you can find water bottles with your favorite movie or television characters and logos on them. Now you can show off your favorite passions to the world while you remain hydrated.


8. Never Wait Until You Are Thirsty
Take breaks often. You may not feel thirsty as you become dehydrated. Monitor your sweat. If you are not sweating as much, it is way past time for a break. Working hard and being focused on the task at hand will numb your senses. Time will slip away quickly and before you know if, you are severely dehydrated. Keep a timer handy. All cell phones have alarms now. Monitor your time wisely and use the technology that is available to you. Do not trust your instincts.


9. Pinch Yourself
No, we are not worried that you are dreaming. We also do not want you pinching yourself hard. You can test your hydration by lightly pinching your hand or arm and watching the how quickly the elasticity pops back into place and how quickly the color comes back you your skin. If you lightly pinch yourself and you are hydrated, both the pinched skin and its color should return to normal immediately. If your skin’s elasticity is compromised and you see the area remains white, you are dehydrated.


10. Stop and Seek Help should you feel Light-Headed or Dizzy.
This is one of the most important issues to watch out for. Should you feel the slightest bit dizzy or lightheaded, do not ignore the sensation. Make no excuses. Instead make time for evaluation and rehydration. It will just take a few minutes to stop and take a drink while you access the situation. If you ever feel light-headed, you are in serious need for a long, refreshing break.


11. Finish Off with a Glass of Water
Alright! Your project is completed. You are heading inside to cool off. You believe your worries are over and that you do not need to worry about your body’s hydration. That assumption is incorrect. Take a minute or two to drink one last glass of water before retiring for the day. Give your body one last shot of fluids so it can complete its hydration process. Your mind and body will thank you.



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