How To Avoid The Pain And Agony Of Brushing Against Poison Ivy Plant

Perhaps you’ve been working in your garden planting some new flowers, or you’ve just finished a breathtaking day-long hike. Whatever the scenario in one moment you’re enjoying the outdoors and by nighttime you’re sitting at home furiously scratching your arms and legs. Your once soft skin has erupted in a red, itchy rash with bumps, swelling and blisters all over. No matter what you do you can’t find any relief.

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If this sounds familiar to you, then you know what coming into contact with poison ivy can do. Unfortunately, many of us here at Workman’s Friend know the resulting pain and agony of brushing against this plant. However, Barrier Skin Cream protects you against this unassuming piece of greenery and ensures that your summer is itch free. Apply thoroughly over hands and nails, head outside and the cream will work like a protective glove shielding skin from poison ivy as you enjoy your day. Here are a few additional tips you should keep in mind to help you avoid this itch inducing plant.

Avoid “Leaves of Three”

Learn what the plant looks like. Poison ivy has leaves that grow in groups of three. The leaves, stems and roots of the plant are covered in an oily resin called urushiol. Urushiol causes an allergic reaction on your skin and leads to the dreaded poison ivy rash. Barrier Skin Cream provides an invisible layer of protection that prevents this oil from touching your skin and lessens the chances of discomfort and itchiness. Also Be very careful and keep an eye out for these leaves of three when wading into brushy areas. If you’re hiking or participating in other outdoor activities make sure to stay on cleared pathways. Conversely,if you’re camping or enjoying an outdoor picnic make sure the area where you set-up is free of plants.  And don’t forget Fido. Make sure your dog doesn’t run through any wooded areas. They may not react to the plant, but if the urushiol comes into contact with their fur, it will transfer to you when you pet them.

Wear Protective Clothing

While Barrier Skin Cream works like a protective glove to shield skin from the poison ivy plant oils, if you know you’re going into a wooded area or working in the backyard brush make sure you dress for it and add additional layers of protection Protect your entire body by wearing socks, boots, pants, long sleeves and thoroughly coat hands with Barrier Skin Cream..The less skin you have exposed the less likely you will be to have a reaction to poison ivy. When you’re done with your outdoor activities make sure to thoroughly wash all of your clothing. Fortunately with Barrier Skin Cream, any poison ivy oils on your hands will quickly come off with a quick wash or wipe while leaving your hands moisturized after your day outside.

Remove the Plants

There are herbicides that you can use to kill the poison ivy in your yard. Once the green menace is dead you can safely pull it out of the ground. Make sure your hands are thoroughly coated with Barrier Skin Cream before you remove the entire plant including the roots. Remember never to burn poison ivy. The urushiol can be spread through the fire’s smoke and you can inhale it causing the same allergic reaction as physical contact.

Quickly Wash Your Skin

Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream allows you to quickly and easily wash or wipe away any poison ivy that may be on your skin. Aim to wash your skin no longer than 30 minutes after exposure so you do not risk touching skin that is not protected or other items that may eventually transfer the oil back on to you when you are least expecting it. Don’t forget to scrub under your nails (you can even cut them short) to ensure all of the oil is removed.

Apply Cream

Though there is no proof that a skin-barrier cream might prevent an allergic reaction to poison ivy, what it can do is lessen some of the discomfort. Workman’s Friend is specifically designed to block irritants such as the urushiol oil that poison ivy produces. So whether you’re gardening, farming or hiking in the forest, be vigilant. Stick to the designated paths, avoid the brush, wear protective clothing, and above all else apply a layer of Workman’s Friend!


Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream is light-weight and odorless perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities. Though an application of ournon-greasy formula doesn’t mean you won’t react to poison ivy, what it does mean is it can lessen the discomfort and itchiness associated with this plant.

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