How to Celebrate National Tag Day

"Tag you're it!" If that's an expression you remember from your youth, then prepare yourself to relive it. October 8, is National Touch Tag Day. Whether you're young or old, take this day as an opportunity to dust off your running shoes and get out there and play. At Workman's Friend, we are a competitive bunch and are looking forward to testing each other with this running game. We also know that this game can get dirty, especially if you're sliding around in the grass or dirt trying to avoid getting tagged. Luckily we've got a product or two that will help provide a solution.

Object of Tag

The word TAG is actually an acronym for 'touch and go.' It is known as 'tig' or 'touch' in different parts of the world. In its simplest form one player is 'it' and their goal is to physically touch another player thereby making that person 'it.' That player is then "it" for the next round.  Many versions of the game have a safe place where runners can rest and are untaggable it is known as "home base."

Depending on the culture tag is known by many other names. For example, in Italy, when a child is tagged, they are infected with the plague. In Spain, one kid touches another they transfer fleas. They are all versions of the same game.

History of Tag

The origins of tag are unclear. However, one of the first mentions of the game is in the 1300s where tapestries, murals, and other drawings depict children chasing each other in what would appear to be a game of tag. 

How to Celebrate

With the different names for tag come different ways of playing the game.  For example, zoo tag involves your favorite types of animals such as gazelles, kangaroos, monkeys, or any other kind of animal that interests your child. You'll need a minimum of four kids and four different areas within your play space to mark as “cages” (you can use cones, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, or even tape. Designate one child as the zookeeper or 'it,' and another child the 'monkey.' The remaining children will be organized into four groups. Each group will be assigned an animal. For instance, kangaroos will hop, zebras will skip, and cheetahs will run. At the start of the game, the animals will be set free and move around the play area using their designated movements all while trying to stay away from the zookeeper. When the zookeeper tags one of them, they must return to their respective cage. The only way they can be set free is if the monkey comes and lets them out.

This is just one example of playing tag. Other versions include two opposing teams – one chasing the other in some way such as cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, humans and aliens. The focus is on the 'capture,' and there is always a prison or other place where captives are held, and rules about how they can be released by their team-mates.

After the game

Regardless of which version of tag you choose to play, you’re bound to get dirty. To that extent, we can recommend Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream. A good game of tag is synonymous with getting dirty. Whether it’s grass stains, or dirt and grime our hand cleaner with activated charcoal is perfect for getting your hands clean. While the plant oils will help condition and moisturize your hands. All cleaned up and just in time for another game-“tag you’re it!”

Advice National Tag Day

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