Do It Yourself Craft Ideas for Home

The leaves are beginning to change color and fall to the ground, the sun is gradually setting a bit later every day, and you're kids have started school again. Those may be sure signs, that fall has arrived. But autumn is also an excellent opportunity to create, in particular, kids crafts. At Workman's Friend, we wouldn't consider ourselves particularly crafty. However, the following examples of autumn crafts don't necessarily require an advanced level of craftiness. Just the opposite! These are art projects you can enjoy doing together with your children. As always, before you begin gluing, cutting, or marking consider some of the products Workman's Friend now offers. They are designed to protect your hands both during and after the projects are complete.

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Apple Printed Banner


  • Banner pieces – 7″x10″ triangles from heavyweight paper, bits of burlap, fabric scraps, or even drop cloths.
  • Acrylic paint (you choose the colors)
  • Paper plate
  • Twine
  • An apple (choose one with a nice shape)

Begin by slicing the apple in half to make two stamps. Pour a small amount of your paint onto the paper plate. Dip the flat side of the apple into the paint and stamp on to the banner piece. Punch holes in the corners of the banner pieces and tie them together using twine. Feel free to add sparkles or glitter glue to your banner. Once it's dry choose either a fireplace mantle or another area of your home where your kids can proudly display their work.

Parents and kids alike can apply a thin layer of Workman's Friend Barrier Skin Cream before starting this project. A simple wipe with a towel or rinse with water will wash off the paint from your hands.

Paper Plate Leaf Face


  • A collection of dry fall leaves
  • Paper plate
  • Skin color paints
  • White paper
  • Red paper
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • White school glue
  • Paintbrush

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Begin by painting your paper plate and let it dry. Cut the stems off of all the leaves. Apply a large amount of glue on the upper half of your paper plate. Start placing the leaves down on the plate wherever you see fit creating a fan shape. Press down on the leaves and let the glue dry. Then cut out two same-sized circles from your white paper. Draw in the eyes and details around the eyes such as eyelashes on the paper. Glue the eyes below the fan of leaf hair. Using the red paper draw and then cut out a pair of lips. Glue them on the plate to well below the eyes. Feel free to add any other type of facial detail such as a mustache or nose even earlobes. It's entirely up to you. Once you're done you can display your paper plate leaf face anywhere you can also stick it on the window, so passers-by can see it from the outside.

Once you've completed your leaf face reach for Workman's Friend Hand Cleaner with Activated Charcoal to clean your hands. Our newest product contains built-in pumice which will clean your hands while the infused plant oils in the soap will leave the skin soft. Then apply Workman's Friend Healing Hand Cream. Our therapeutic formula will moisturize your hands. It is designed to be either a daily moisturizer or as a restorative cream for damaged hands.

Crafty Autumn

There are hundreds of different crafts you can create with a fall theme. It all depends on the type of materials you want to use, the age of your children and how crafty you feel you want to be. The goal of making crafts in the fall is to spend time as a family. Happy crafting!

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