Tips to Celebrate National Honey Month

Bees make it and bears love it-honey! September is National Honey Month. This is the time of year when the majority of honey is harvested across the United States. It is also the month when bees stop producing it and begin securing their hives for winter. At Workman's Friend, we fully support anything sweet, especially if the celebration is supposed to last a whole 30 days. Luckily we’ve also got several different Workman’s Friend products that will undoubtedly make observing this holiday a little easier on your hands.

Cook with Honey

There are thousands of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that call for honey. It is a marvelous sweetener, but it is also one of the messiest ingredients to use. That’s why we recommend you apply a thin layer of our Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream before you begin working with honey. Whether you’re making a honey-soy glaze for wings, creating a honey mustard salad dressing, or mixing a mint-honey punch, your fingers are going to get sticky. The clean-up will be a lot less painful if you've applied our barrier cream in advance. A simple rinse, wipe, and the sticky evidence, is gone. But if you haven’t applied our Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream before working with the honey, our hand cleaner with activated charcoal is a fantastic way to get them clean. It contains pumice to remove honey’s sticky residue and plant oil to help condition your hands afterward.

Have a Honey Party

If cooking with honey is not something that interests you, why not host a honey-tasting party? Similar to wine tasting events, honey tasting ones are becoming increasingly popular. It is recommended that the host choose 4 to 6 varietals of honey. Then do your research to learn which foods are best paired with the honeys you've chosen. From different cheeses to breads, and meats, most of the everyday foods we eat have a perfect honey partner.

Remember, to apply Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream before you begin any of the food and honey preparation for your party. You know you’re hands are going to get messy and our cream will make the clean-up easier.

Take a tour

Why not take a tour to celebrate National Honey Month?  Not just any tour, a beekeeping one. Many states offer beekeeping farm tours designed to educate the public about the importance of bees. It's essential you do your research and book ahead of your visit. Though the can vary depending on where you live, usually you’re given a tour of a hive, learn where the queen resides, and how honey is made. You’ll be able to test some honey and do all of this while either wearing protective clothing or behind a safe screened area.

Honey for All

With over 20,000 different species of bees in the world, and of that 400 native to the United States, make September the month you learn more about our striped friends. Whether you decide to create a new recipe with honey, host a tasting party, or tour a local beekeeping farm, they many different ways to celebrate National Honey Month. It’s time to get beezee!

Advice National Honey Month

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