How to Celebrate National Clean Up Day?

“What would the world be like if everyone picked up at least one piece of litter?” that was the question that co-founders Steve Jewett and Bill Willoughby asked themselves three years ago. The answer was to create National Clean Up Day. A non-profit organization designed to bring together volunteers from across the country who wanted to clean-up their cities, beaches, parks, and trails. At Workman's Friend, we know all about clean-up because that's our business. From barrier cream to a cleaner with activated charcoal, our specialty is keeping your hands clean. This time Workman’s Friend is asking you to get dirty for a good cause.

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When to start?

On September 21st, organizers for National Clean Up Day are expecting over 3 million volunteers here in the United States to participate in local clean-up endeavors. If you’re thinking of taking part in an event, we can help you get started, and we’ve got a few Workman’s Friend products to make your own personal clean-up that much easier.

Where to Start?

Participating in any National Clean Up Day event takes a little preparation. By going to their website, you can enter in your address to learn if there are any events already scheduled for your location. Clean-ups in September will be held in all 50 states and U.S. territories from urban to rural settings. You can choose either to volunteer at an event that has already been planned or create your own. Don't undertake a considerable project such as picking up the garbage along a vast stretch of highway, if you've never participated before. The idea is that any kind of contribution large or small counts. The goal is to get people to start thinking about the importance of keeping our natural environment garbage free.

Remember before you start your clean-up project apply a thin layer of Workman's Friend Barrier Skin Cream. It will protect your hands from the dirt and grime you will inevitably encounter as you clean-up. Once the job is done a simple wash and wipe is all it takes to be free of the grimy and sticky layers of dirt on your hands.

How to Celebrate?

If you’ve decided to create your own event, the first place to turn is social media. Whether you have a neighborhood network online or you can simply text a few close friends, take the time to think about a public space you feel needs some freshening up. It could be the local park, a schoolyard, the area around a public pool, a vacant lot, even a neighbor's yard that they can’t tend to due to personal circumstances. Once you’ve chosen your location, make sure you buy the necessary supplies such as rakes, shovels, garbage bags, recycling bins, and plastic gloves. Essentially anything you feel would be useful in your clean-up effort. Keep in mind it’s not the size of the job that’s so important but rather how you get the job done.

Don’t forget that Workman’s Friend has several different products that will help you in your clean-up efforts. Before you get to work, apply a layer of our Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin cream to protect your hands from the dirt and grime you will encounter as you work. Once the job is done, cleaning your hands will be a breeze. There is also our Workman’s Friend Hand Cleaner with pumice providing strong cleaning power and plant oil that soothes and conditions your hands. This is an equally effective product at getting your hands squeaky clean when the clean is complete.

Year-round Cleaning

Though National Clean Up Day is September 21st, organizers stress that the work does not end in September. Every day should be a clean-up day. That means if you see a piece of trash on the side of the road or on someone's lawn, pick it up and dispose of it properly. If more people did that can you imagine how much cleaner our environment would be? Let September 21st be the start of a new chapter. Take this opportunity to clean up and become more aware of how important it is to keep our natural areas clean.

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