Celebrate National Family Meals Month

Spaghetti on the ceiling, raw cookie dough in the hair, and olive oil coating the kitchen floor, these are just some of the worst case scenarios most parents imagine when they think of creating a family meal together. Not to mention the challenge of getting your kids to sit still at the table for more than 5 minutes. Many moms and dads feel it is simpler and less stressful if they make the family meal and let their children dine separate of the parents. However, during National Family Meal Month, Workman’s Friend is asking all of its customers to take advantage of this opportunity to re-examine all the positive aspects of eating a meal together. We think you’ll be surprised.

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What is National Family Meals Month?

National Family Meals Month is a country-wide event that takes place every September. It is designed to encourage families to enjoy meals together using foods bought at their local grocery store. Created by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) they want families to pledge to eat one additional meal together every week. It doesn’t matter if it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The idea is the more often families sit down at a table and eat together the greater nutritional and social benefits they will reap from this simple activity.  

How can kids help with the meal?

Before the fridge is opened or the apron is tied decide what you’ll have your child or children do to help you in the kitchen. What they can or can’t do depends on their age and familiarity with food. Some kids have been cooking with their parents since they were very young, others may have never had an interest or been allowed to help (i.e. creating messes, safety hazards). For young children such as four or five year olds, have them get the fruits and vegetables from the refrigerator. You can read the ingredient list aloud and let them find the broccoli or apples with minimal help from you. Kids who are a bit older such as six or seven, can read the ingredient list themselves and then gather the ingredients on the kitchen counter. Another easy activity for children of this age is cracking the eggs and literally stirring the pot. With a minimal amount of supervision this is an excellent way to include your kids in the meal preparation process.

For young people that aren’t necessarily interested in making meal, they can still help in terms of setting the table or serving each family member their plate of food. There are many ways children of all ages can be included in the meal preparation process.      

Of equal importance before you the supervising adult begin any type of meal preparation is to apply a thin layer of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream. Our formulation will make getting the messy sauces, smell of garlic, or dried cookie dough from your hands easy and pain free.

Benefits of family meals

There has been a lot of research done about the advantages of a family eating together. Not only is it linked to improved self-esteem and better grades in children, it has also proven to curb early sexual activity, drug use and all forms of bullying. By including at least one more family meal together, everyone at the table has a reduced risk of obesity and depression. Need we say more? Sure, a family meal together can mean a lot of messy clean-up when the meal is over, but we at Workman’s Friend feel that it pales in comparison to all the tremendous benefits reaped from this activity.

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