Customer Experience: Hurricane Cleanup With Workman's Friend

I recently used this product and it works great! I live in FL where hurricane Michael recently visited and to say we have a ton to clean up would be an understatement. One of the biggest debris obstacles was the fallen trees and limbs and glass and since our chainsaw wasn't working we had to use a handsaw. Anyone who has ever used a handsaw is more than likely familiar with the blisters that come with it(Ouch!). So I put this on in the morning and after sawing, picking up, and hauling for almost 14 straight hours I am ecstatic to say I have no blisters or the "beaten" hand look! Not even the little rough spots! And the things I did come into contact with like dirt, tree sap, glue from the shingles, etc all just wiped off with ease! And it also made my hands feel very moisturized as well so that is a definite plus! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone! (Pictured is my hand and one of our debris piles, you can also see a larger one in the background as we had to keep the piles by the sidewalk small)



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Barrier Skin Cream Sample Sachet for 1-2 uses
Smooth Nourished and Hydrated

Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream effectively hydrates, nourishes and moisturizes damaged skin while offering incredicble hand skin barrier protection from exposure to grease, chemicals, grime, glue, dirt, paint and plant oils.

After you have finished whatever dirty job you have, just wipe off the dirt and grime and like magic it is gone while hands are left hydrated and moisturized.

Apply Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream to skin prior to tackling the job to form a protective barrier. With just a single wipe, hands are clean allowing you to get back to work

Barrier Skin Cream Sample Sachet for 1-2 uses

Barrier Skin Cream Sample Sachet for 1-2 uses

sample review

I just found where I placed my sample. I loved the texture of the lotion as I am particular about how they in hate sticky feeling. I liked the smoothness and the fact I could feel the moisture seeping into my skin and the scent is good. I would buy and I would recommend.

Barrier Skin Cream Sample Sachet for 1-2 uses
sample review

I finally found my sample again and used it.I love the texture and could feel the moisture seeping in my skin. I like the softness left behind. I would recommend and purchase.

Barrier Skin Cream Sample Sachet for 1-2 uses
I think I love it!!

At first I had a hard time getting my samples. But then they got that all fixed and I think this might be my new lotion. I work in food so I'm constantly washing my hands and they are always so dry and cracking so bad even tho I keep lotion on them I think it was being washed off in between washes. But now I think this is going to work! I seen a drastic change in the condition if my hands and they feel so soft!! And the best thing it last better in between washes than what I was using. So I guess I'm going to go order myself and my husband a bottle. And if my opinion chnages after ill review again but I don't think we will have a problem.