What is causing your dry winter hands?

Is the first sign of winter that your hands that start to crack and bleed? Are you haunted by large patches of scaly skin around your fingers all season long? Or do your hands look swollen and feel extremely itchy as the snow falls outside? If you have any of these symptoms you may have been under the impression that you’re suffering from dry winter skin. Normally, we would have recommended that you try one of our miraculous tubes of our Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream. The resulting soft and supple hands would amaze you. But there are sometimes when a hand cream won’t cut it and a doctor’s visit is in order. The following is a brief list of those instances.

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Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder. It occurs when the body’s autoimmune system begins attacking itself instead of protecting it. Psoriasis can appear all over the body, but are most often seen on the elbows, scalp, hands and knees. They appear as silver or red-colored scaly patches and can last for days, weeks or even months. These growths can be painful and very itchy. There are a number of factors that can cause psoriasis including a family history of the disease, increased stress, obesity or an injury to the skin such as a burn or cut.

Many people start moisturizing excessively when they notice the first patches that are symptomatic of psoriasis. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough hydrating cream in the world to help with this disorder. Instead, your doctor will probably prescribe lotions that contain steroids, oral medications, and light therapy.

Once your psoriasis has cleared up and you’ve been given the okay from your doctor to use hydrating lotions, an application of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream will be in order. Our revolutionary non-irritating formula will help protect moisturize and protect your hands.


Dry, itchy and red hands may be more than simply winter skin it might be dermatitis otherwise known as eczema. This type of skin condition is usually the result of contact with irritants such as soap, a lotion or chemical product. It is most usually found on a person’s arms, hands, cheeks, and even scalp. Often a sufferer’s natural reaction is to scratch these parts of their body. But that simply aggravates the condition. The red patches usually have raised bumps that ooze fluid when scratched. This is a skin ailment that requires medical attention. Your doctor will probably prescribe an over-the-counter oral antihistamine pill together with a steroid cream.

When your eczema has subsided and your doctor has given you the green light to use non-prescription moisturizers, try some of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream. Its lightweight formula will leave your hands feeling smooth and soft.

Latex Allergy

In the event your hands begin to swell quickly and become incredibly itchy, pay attention to your symptoms. You may have a latex allergy. Though it occurs naturally, latex can be found most commonly in surgical gloves, IV tubes and even certain manufactured food products we eat. In rare cases, the itchy, red and swelling hands associated with a latex allergy can become more serious and develop into anaphylaxis. This type of reaction can cause difficulty swallowing, breathing, and even death. Swollen and dry, itchy hands are not something that can be treated with a hand cream. They require a doctor’s visit and usually medication.

Yes, the dry and cold weather associated with winter is most often the cause of dry winter hands. However, there are several skin conditions that exhibit similar symptoms to what we often see on our skin at this time of year. The solution is simple. Firstly, take care of your skin by moisturizing it with Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream. Secondly, check it on a regular basis for any unusual swelling, dry patches or bumps. Any one of these symptoms could be a sign of something much more serious than simply dry winter skin.


Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream is light-weight and odorless product. A simple application of our non-greasy, formula means your hands will be moisturized and protected from common irritants.
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