Job Action Day

To recognize and inspire, that is the goal of Job Action Day which will be held this year on November 4, 2019. Created in 2008 by QuintCareers, this nationally observed day is designed to empower and motivate anyone who is looking for a job, wanting to find more fulfilment with their current work, or looking to plan their long-term careers. At Workman’s Friend, we support any endeavour that encourages our customers to help them find and create meaningful professional work in their lives. Our products were created for and by people that are dedicated and enjoy their work.

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Connect with a career counselor

Take this day to reach out to a career expert. There are many different kinds of resources for people who are seeking job guidance. Professional career counsellors do exist, but there are government funded federal, state, or municipal-level employment resources available too. You can even contact friends or family members who work in the types of industries that interest you. More than anything, job-seeking is about networking and communication is critical to that success.

Go to a Job Fair

Do your research ahead of time and find out where and when job fairs are being held in your area. It is more than likely there is a fair that will take place on Job Action Day.  Whether you’re still in school, have recently graduated or have already started your career, attending a job fair is a fantastic way to meet a group of employers in one single shot. Take this opportunity to ask questions about what they look for in potential hires, the benefits they offer their employees, and if they have any job openings at this point. All of these answers will give you a better idea of what it is you want in terms of a job and a long-term career.

Take a Vacation

It doesn’t have to be a two-week vacation to the Caribbean, it can just be a day off but one of the things that many people forget about job hunting and career planning is how much energy it takes. Often it is a full-time job unto itself. Take some time off, not only will it let your brain rest but it will provide you with perspective on the work that you’re doing, then when you’re feeling refreshed get back to it!

Job Action

The title of this nationally recognized day says it all: action. At Workman’s Friend our products are designed for people who are active in their professional and personal lives. Whether you’re looking for your first job or are mid-career and wanting a change both require you to take steps to reach your goal. That’s the motivation behind Job Action Day and at Workman’s Friend we support that!

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