National Park Service Birthday 2019

On August 25th all of us at Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream will be grabbing our paddles, hiking boots, lifejackets, tents, coolers, lawn chairs, a tube of our own hand cream and anything else that can be used in the great outdoors. That’s because we’re heading to our nearest National Park to celebrate its birthday. Since 1916, Americans have observed National Park Service Birthday on August 25th. If you’re unaware of how this holiday was born or the best way to celebrate, let us at Workman’s Friend help you.

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It was President Woodrow Wilson who on August 25th signed the National Park Service Organic Act into law. This action created the National Park Service (NPS). The goal of this young agency was to protect the natural and historical objects found within the United States. In turn their actions would provide enjoyment for all citizens and visitors to our country. A department within the NPS, the Natural Park Trust’s was also born that day and their goal was to acquire privately held land located within or adjacent to the boundaries of  our existing national parks. Then they would donate it to the NPS for them to preserve it for future generations.


First of all on August 25th, the National Park Service will open the gates to the over 400 parks in the country to visitors for free! Yes that’s right anyone visiting one of these locations will not have to pay admission. But before you head out in your car, take the time to get online to learn about the parks in your area. There are hundreds of different outdoor activities offered in throughout these public spaces. You will need to educate yourself as to what is available, what you and your family like to do, and if you have the necessary equipment to do so.

For example, you may be an avid outdoor cook, who loves to grill and have picnics. Many of our country’s parks offer facilities and space where you can do this but have restrictions and rules you need to follow. Before you load up your car with your portable grill or cooler, make sure you know what’s allowed in your particular national park. That way you won’t be disappointed when you arrive at your destination. Additionally, don’t forget to bring a tube of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream. It will protect your hands from the drying effects of the barbecue’s heat.   

In another situation, you may want to do some rock climbing at a popular national park location. If you’ve never participated in this sport and have no idea what the difference is between a carabiner and harness, we suggest you learn more about rock climbing before venturing out to a park. If and when you’re able to rock climb in one of the national parks, always apply a layer of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream. It won’t make your hands greasy but it will protect them from the drying effects of the chalk used by climbers to dry sweat and moisture on their hands and increase friction to ensure a strong grip on the rocks.

National Park Service Birthday

With August 25th just around the corner, we at Workman’s Friend are already planning an excursion to our favorite national park. We’ve done the research, bought the equipment and have invited our friends. This is a rare chance to enjoy all that our national parks have to offer free of charge. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get out there!

Advice National Park Service Birthday

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