Willing to Lend a Hand Wednesday

“To help one or offer one assistance,” is the definition of the word ‘lend a hand’ and on August 28th, Willing to Lend a Hand Wednesday people around the world are encouraged to help others. It doesn’t have to be a grand or large gesture, though at Workman’s Friend we wouldn’t discourage that; the most important thing is to help someone in need. Whether that means mending a broken fence, weeding your neighbor’s garden or delivering a meal to a house bound senior, the act may seem insignificant to you, but to the person on the receiving end your gesture is momentous. The following are a few suggestions of ways you can do to help others.

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Spread out the tarp, get out the roller, and apply a layer of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream to help someone either start or finish a paint job. Whether that person has been unable to paint due to injury, lack of funds or even free time, by stepping in your alleviating their stress. There are many different projects where you can help including painting a room in a person’s home, repainting a fence or outside window box. View this lend a-hand task as an opportunity to get to know your neighbor or friend, flex your do-it-yourself muscle, and more simply feel more productive with your spare time.


You may always have thought you had a brown thumb with no real talent for gardening but on Willing to Lend a Hand Wednesday, see if you can’t turn that thumb green? Tasks such as weeding a public park or trimming an overgrown tree in a senior’s backyard are tremendous help to everyone’s wellbeing. Who knows if that tree hadn’t been pruned it could have fallen through the roof of that senior’s home? Or maybe the city had threatened to close the public park due to lack of funds for its upkeep? By lending a hand you’ve helped the park remain open for all of your community to enjoy. With any gardening task if you’re unfamiliar about how to do it ask someone who does know. They can offer plenty of suggestions. Additionally, we suggest before you reach for that spade or rake apply Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream to your hands. Our formulation will ensure that the clean-up after the task will be easier and pain free.


Drive and drive some more this is one of the greatest of the Willing to Lend a Hand Wednesday, tasks you can do. Despite many companies and organizations offering delivery services, home bound seniors, people with mobility issues or others who physically cannot drive will benefit greatly from this kind of help. From driving a person to a doctor’s appointment, picking up prescriptions, to shopping and delivering groceries, there are many errands that still require a person to visit a location to complete their errand. In truth many people often go without their prescriptions, food or regular doctor visits because they can’t physically get there. That’s where you can help in a significant and colossal way.

Lend a Hand

Willing to Lend a Hand Wednesday might be on August 28th, but at Workman’s Friend we encourage you to view this day as an opportunity to start a new chapter. This is the day you pledge to contribute more to the lives of others. Large projects such as helping build a home for a local veteran is a very honorable job. But there are thousands of smaller tasks to perform that will make you feel like you’re making a difference in someone else’s life. More importantly they will greatly benefit the recipient and that is what this day is all about.

Advice Lend a Hand Wednesday

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