Pet Tips for Longer, Healthier Life

We all love our pets and we all view them as members of our family. Spending as many years as possible with these adorable creations of unconditional love is a pet owner’s top priority. As Workman’s Friend celebrates “Love Your Pet Month”, we felt compelled to share a few tips for a longer, healthier life for your pet.

Balanced Nutrition

A proper diet is key to a longer, healthier life for your pet. Pet food companies market a variety of dietary products to fit a variety of pet’s needs. There are formulas for puppies, seniors, and for all types of sensitive needs. Feeding your pet the right amount and type of food helps him maintain a healthy weight, which is one of the best ways to prevent obesity and extend lifespan of your cherished pet. Pets can usually meet their nutritional needs from a balanced diet of quality food, but check with your veterinarian to see if he needs any supplements. Also be sure your pet gets enough fresh water, and keep an eye on the amount of treats you give him; most veterinarians suggest they should make up no more than 10% of your pet’s daily calories.

Exercise Your Pet

This is a two way street! What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Regular walks, hiking, playing fetch and swimming can keep you and your pet physically active and fit. But don’t forget about mental stimulation! Providing toys to play with, hiding treats, building obstacle courses and practicing new tricks all keep your dog or cat interested and engaged. You can also change up your walking routine to expose your pet to new scenery and smells. Many cities have dog parks so you can unleash your pet and let him run free for some extended exercise.

Annual Veterinarian Visits

An annual wellness exam provides the best opportunity for your veterinarian to perform a variety of health screens that can lead to early detection of diseases and to spot warning signs of serious illness as well as provided your pet with preventative shots for various airborne illnesses that could put your dog into peril. Yearly dental appointments may also be recommended to remove plaque and tartar buildup. An annual checkup is extremely important to help maintain the course for a longer life.

Preventative Medications

All pets require preventative medicine, even the pets who stay indoors most of their lives One mosquito bite could lead to a serious issue with heart worms. These preventative measures go hand in hand with regular veterinarian checkups. Preventative medications can keep your pet free of unwanted health issues, like heart worm, flea-related diseases and tick-borne illnesses. Workman’s Friend suggests using a Google Calendar to log in the dates for medication. In addition, regularly brushing your pet’s teeth and giving him dental chews help prevent periodontal disease, which can lead to more serious health problems.

Groom Your Pets Regularly

This involves keeping your pet’s nails trimmed, brushing him a couple times a week and giving him regular baths. Grooming is also a good way to keep an eye on changes in your pet’s fur or skin, like dandruff, bald patches or dry skin. And it’s an ideal time to check for lumps and bumps that may be cause for concern. Check with your veterinarian for the best grooming protocol for your particular pet.

Provide Love and Affection

Your pet is starved for attention. They love your unconditionally and require some love in return. Plus, establishing a strong bond with your dog or cat is good for both of you. Cuddles, petting, belly rubs and even brushing his coat are great ways to show your pet some love. Not only does this strengthen the emotional connection with your pet, but it promotes your pet having positive interactions with other animals and humans. Talk to them to! They understand more than you think and they are MUCH cheaper than a therapist… they just have different licenses.

Watch Daily for Behavior Changes

Has your pet’s behavior changed recently? Is he scratching more than usual? Is he eating more or less than he normally does? Changes from the norm could be cause for concern and indicate an underlying issue. If you notice abnormal behavior in your dog or cat, give your vet a call to see if an exam is necessary. Pets cannot tell us that they feel bad and it is up to the pet owner to look for these changes in mannerisms. Catching issues early is crucial. Never put off a visit to the veterinarian when you see any changes in you pet.

Pet Safety

There are several ways to keep your pet safe: collars with ID tags, microchips, making sure your home is free of safety hazards and putting toxic substances out of reach. One key tip, NEVER give your pet chocolate as it is deadly, especially to canines.

Take Care of Yourself Too!

Along with the other tips above, you’ll be able to keep your furry friend happy, healthy and with you for many years to come! You also need to be sure and take good care of yourself. The health of your skin is a great way to begin. Once you are finished walking your pet in the park, remember that Workman’s Friend offers a complete line of skin care products for active, hard-working… pet loving… hands.

Before you go outdoors and work in your yard, coat your hands with Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream to protect your skin from harmful skin irritants like poison ivy. The barrier protection will also make clean-up quick and easy. Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream holds in your body’s natural moisture as it shields dirt, grime, plant oils and any chemicals you may come into contact with. Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream will keep your hands hydrate. Over time, daily use will heal your hands, making them look younger and healthier.

Maintaining healthy skin after a day’s hard-working activities using Workman’s Friend Healing Hand Cream should be a daily regimen. An application in the morning and again before bedtime will help your skin survive unscathed. Workman’s Friend Healing Hand Cream will moisturize and heal your damaged skin. When used over time, your skin will return to its healthy appearance.

Sometimes you just need a soap with a little extra elbow grease, right? Try Workman’s Friend Hand Cleaner with Activated Charcoal to get rid of that grease or grime. The activated charcoal cleans deep into your skin, detoxing away the bad elements that hard-working hands pick up on an active day.

Try all of our products. We offer a 3-Pack Workman’s Friend Skin Care Bundle. You will receive a 3.38 oz. tube of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream, a 2.5 oz. jar of Workman’s Friend Healing Hand Cream, and an 8 oz. bottle of our Workman’s Friend Hand Cleaner with Activated Charcoal.


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