Precautions to Pet Owners for Winter

Itchy dry flaking skin, frostbite and cracked paws, yes you heard that correctly, cracked paws. These are just a few of the things that can happen to your cat or dog when they’re exposed to winter’s dry, chilly and cold air. Even a winter walk with your dog can prove to be deadly if you don’t know what you’re doing. At Workman’s Friend we are animal lovers. But because we don’t live in an extremely cold area of the country we didn’t realize the precautions pet owners need to take to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their four-legged friends.

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The regular coming in and out of the house for your cat or dog can produce dry and irritated skin both on their paws and underbellies. The temperature difference between the cold and wet weather outside and the hot and dry inside can wreak havoc on their skin. Make sure you towel off your pet’s tummy and paws when they come back into the house from being outside. Check your cat or dog’s paws regularly to make sure there are no cracks in between their paws or signs of irritation.

Install a humidifier for your home as well. Not only will it make your animal’s skin softer but it will make yours as well too! Another way to hydrate your skin is by applying a layer of Workman’s Friend Skin Barrier Cream. It will keep your hands soft as you head outside into that dry and cold winter air with your pet.

Feed More

In anticipation of winter many animals eat more or fatten themselves up to insulate themselves from the cold. The same approach can be used with your cat or dog. Pets burn extra energy by trying to stay warm in the wintertime. It’s not recommended that you double the quantity of food you feed them, that would be unhealthy. Instead consult with your veterinarian to learn the amount of food you should feed them to ensure they have those much-needed extra calories. Along with the food, always make sure your pet’s water bowl is filled. This will guarantee that they stay well hydrated in the dry winter weather.

You can also stay hydrated by applying a thin layer of Workman’s Fried Skin Barrier Cream to your hands. This will help them stay soft and supple protecting against the drying effects of winter weather.

Dress for the weather

Just as you put on a winter coat, boots and gloves don’t overlook doing this for your pet too. Pet experts advise massaging petroleum jelly into their paw pads before you let them outside. This can help protect their tiny feet from the cold and wet, not to mention the salt and chemical agents used to melt snow.  Another approach is putting booties on your dog’s paws (it is highly unlikely that any cat would let you near them to put them on).

You may even consider a coat for your dog. This is especially important if your animal has shorter hair. That extra layer of warmth will make their outdoor morning walk more enjoyable for you and for them.

Common Sense

If it’s too cold outdoors for you then it’s probably the same for your pet. Whether you’ve got an outdoor cat, or a dog that loves to play in the backyard, when the temperature starts to drop make sure they’ve got a warm place they can access. If left outdoors pets can freeze, get lost, become disoriented or even worse-die. Just as you wouldn’t in the summer, don’t leave pets in your cold car and monitor them carefully if they do want to head outside. Whether you’re a cat or dog person, what is most important is that you treat them with kindness and love. It will undoubtedly be returned in spades!


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