The 7 Tools Every Crafter Should Own

Just like a handy-man has a tool box, so does a crafter. If you enjoy doll-making, macramé, collage, or beading then a box of your most essential instruments is not only important it’s essential. For a crafter there is nothing worse than working on a project and suddenly you realize you don’t own the right tool to finish properly. You don’t have time to step out to the store. Instead you scour your home for a tool to improvise. At Workman’s Friend, we admire all crafters. Though we are not particularly creative ourselves, we understand the diligence, patience and attention to detail this hobby requires. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the most important tools every crafter should have.

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1. Hot Glue Gun

There is a range of hot glue gun choices. What you need to look for is a hot-temperature glue gun that uses full sticks of glue. The beauty of this tool is the greater heat gives you more time to adjust or play with the item you’re gluing ensuring it is just right before the glue sets. By using a full stick of glue you won’t be obligated to reload it as often.

Another purchase to consider when shopping for a glue gun is a stand. If you’ve ever touched a glue gun and burnt yourself you understand the necessity of having a secure place to place it while you’re working. Additionally, you’ll never have to spend time searching for your gun because it will always be in the same place.

2. Scissors

Scissors for a crafter are the equivalent of a hammer and nails to a construction worker. You can never have enough. At a minimum you need two pairs of scissors, one for yarn or fabric and the other for paper. The choice of scissors is endless. You can spend an exorbitant amount of money on them. But if you’re a casual crafter, then choose a pair of scissors that feel comfortable in your hands. Don’t forget to regularly sharpen these tools dull scissors can make a craft project messy.

3. Tweezers

No we’re not referring to the same tweezers you use in the bathroom to remove a stray hair. Curved-tip tweezers are specifically designed for crafting activities. They are very especially useful when working with hot glue. They also come in handy when placing decals on glass, rhinestones, beading, and working with thread. You will find these are one of the tools you use most often, that’s why you should buy several pairs of them. They often have a habit of going missing!

4. Bar Clamps

If you’re crafting specialty is working with miniatures such as dollhouses or model-train sets than a bar clamp is an essential tool. Have you ever stacked books or boxes on top of each other to hold the pieces of your craft together while the glue dries? Quick-release bar clamps or corner clamps are an excellent investment. It will guarantee that your pieces will glue together as they’re intended to and you can enjoy glue-free hands in the process.

5. Craft Knife

A sharp and reliable craft knife is another essential item for your toolbox. Though scissors can come in handy, when working in smaller spaces they can be too big and only a craft knife will do. This tool will save you from folding your project in half in order to gain access to tighter spots.

6. Rotary Tool

For a sewer a rotary cutter is welcome replacement to scissors. If you’ve ever cut fabric, vinyl, denim or leather using a rotating tool is a much faster way to get things done.

If your interests lie in working with stones, beads or wood, then a Dremel rotary tool is more suitable. Though they are more of an expensive purchase than most of the tools listed here, you’ll find you can use it for almost everything. A rotary tool is ideal for drilling tiny holes, cutting glass and ceramics, sanding, polishing rocks even engraving. Remember to buy a respiratory mask and protective glasses. Those are non-negotiables when working with this power tool.

7. One final tool

Above is a basic list of the crafting tools you’ll need to get started. Remember if you choose to specialize in paper crafts, needlecrafts, or do-it-yourself projects you’ll probably need more specific tools designed especially for that activity. However, there is one tool all crafters needs regardless of their specialty and that is creativity. With it there isn’t a project you can’t tackle. Creativity will make crafting a joy and will provide a great opportunity to use your tools.


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