Top 5 Ways to Winterize Your Car

Did you feel that this morning? There was a slight chill in the air wasn’t there? Or what about yesterday, did you reach for your coat before stepping out the door?  If you’re nodding your head, then you know as well as we at Workman’s Friend do-winter is on its way. There may not yet be snow on the ground, but the cooler weather is coming. With the change in temperatures comes a long ‘to do’ list including getting your car ready for winter.

If you owned a vehicle before 1980, then you know winterizing was quite an elaborate ritual. Fortunately, today’s cars don’t require nearly as much work.  But that doesn’t mean you can simply ignore the changing weather. There are still some elements to consider.

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If you live in an area of the country that has snow and ice on the ground for most of the season, experts suggest you purchase winter tires. Made of a softer rubber, snow tires maintain their flexibility during the cold winter months. They also have tread patterns which are uniquely designed to hug and grip the snow and ice.

If you plan to change the tires yourself, then apply a thin layer of Workman’s Friend barrier skin cream before you start work. The cream will keep your hands moisturized as you work in the dry and cooler air. Our formulation will also make cleaning your hands after you’re done a cinch a simple rinse, wipe, and you’re good to go.


It’s basic safety requirement, to be able to see out of your window when driving. But unlike rain, snow, ice, and road salt can not only stick to your windshield it can also make your wipers completely useless. Before the weather starts to change, invest in a pair of specially designed winter wipers and winterized wiper fluid. Both of these will ensure that you have a clear line of sight even in the nastiest blizzard.

Don’t forget before you begin work apply a bit of our Workman’s Friend cream to your hands. They will protect them from the harsh chemicals and drying agents found in the winter wiper fluid.


Fifty, fifty, that should be the ratio of water to anti-freeze in your car’s radiator during the cold winter months. This combination will prevent the coolant in your radiator from turning into a large block of ice. The best way to check the composition of your radiator’s fluid is to buy an inexpensive anti-freeze tester available where most auto parts are sold.

And remember before you change the anti-freeze in your radiator apply a layer of Workman’s Friend barrier skin cream. The smell of anti-freeze is a pungent one our cream will help protect your hands both from the odor and harsh chemicals of this product.

Oil Viscosity

For a car engine to run properly it needs lubrication which comes from the oil we add. But when the temperature starts to drop oil’s effectiveness is reduced.  The colder it is outside, the thicker the oil gets almost becoming the consistency of sludge and unable to circulate through your engine. As a result, the motor won’t get the lubrication it needs in order to operate properly and you’re left with a car that won’t start.

To prevent this from happening, change your oil to one that is specifically designed for cooler temperatures. Your car’s owner’s manual should stipulate the viscosity levels required for different climates. Remember before you change your oil always apply a layer of Workman’s Friend barrier skin cream. It will make cleaning up after such a messy job that much easier.

Emergency Kit

If you’ve ever been stranded by the side of the road or in a snow drift without an emergency kit in your car, then you understand the importance of packing one! Blankets, candles, batteries, winter boots, gloves, hat, shovel, flares and first-aid equipment are just some of items you should have stored in your trunk during the winter driving months. More often than not, if you’re trapped in a snow drift, it can take hours before help will arrive whether that is a tow truck or police.  Being prepared in case you are stranded in a snow storm is a fact of life when living in colder climates.

Let it snow

With the cold weather on the horizon, taking the necessary steps to prepare prior to the first snowfall is the best approach. Just as you would get out your winter coat, sweaters, and boots, take the time to educate yourself about what your car will need to survive the colder months. The aforementioned tips to winterizing your car are short and simple, including the most important one: applying a layer of Workman’s Friend barrier skin cream before anything else. If you are thorough and organized in your preparation, then you’re more likely to have an incident-free winter driving season.


Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream is light-weight and odorless product. Apply a dime-sized portion of our non-greasy, formula on each hand. Then rub them together to ensure the cream has been properly absorbed.

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