The 5 Mistakes You Make When Changing Your Car's Oil

We’ve all been there. You’re driving along the freeway when a warning light appears on your dashboard. Whether it says ‘check engine’ or ‘check oil’, you’re struck with a sense of panic. You wonder where and if you’ll need to pull over to the side of the road. Or should you drive to the nearest mechanic’s? Perhaps you head home and plan to change the oil yourself because you love getting your hands dirty working on your car. If this is you, Workman’s Friend has just what you need to lend you a helping hand as you change the oil. Apply Barrier Skin Cream before getting to work and your skin will be shielded from any oil or grease you come in contact with. The cream works like a protective glove and creates an invisible layer over your hands to prevent irritants from actually touching your skin. Once your oil is changed, a quick wash or single wipe will leave hands clean and moisturized.However before you get started working on your car, here are a few common mistakes you can avoid to ensure that ‘check oil’ light doesn’t haunt you!

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Time and Mileage

Changing your oil depends on two criteria: either your car has reached a certain amount of miles or a specific number of months have passed since the last one. This is why keeping track of how many miles you’ve driven since and the date of your previous oil change are very crucial. Even if you take your car to a mechanic it’s important that you, as the driver remember these milestones. If you change your oil too soon or too late either one could damage your engine.

Wrong Oil

Using the wrong oil, this is one of the most common mistakes car owners make when changing it out. The time of year and whether your car requires synthetic or conventional oil are the two primary questions you must ask yourself. Choosing the wrong kind of oil could cause serious harm.

In winter months oil thickens. As a result, your car will require thinner oil that can move easily through the engine. As the weather warms up in the summer, oil’s viscosity increases and to protect your engine you will need one that is thicker. The wrong oil in your car will cause engine damage.

It’s also important to know what type of oil your vehicle requires: conventional or synthetic. If you’ve got an older car with a lot of miles sticking with the same oil (usually conventional) willensure your car runs properly. By comparison, todays’ synthetic oils are designed for newer engines and are much thinner than traditional ones.

Wrong Filter

Your filter is what keeps the oil in your car clean, and it is often not installed properly. It needs to be replaced with every oil change. Remember, just because you replace the filter every time doesn’t mean you’ve installed it properly either. You’ve got to make sure what you’re installing is the correct size. If you don’t have the correct size for your vehicle, oil might leak or may not filter properly both leading to serious engine trouble.

Forgetting the O-Ring

Along with the oil filter, the O-ring needs to be changed regularly too. Both of these items are usually sold together. The O-ring is designed to sit on top of the filter and provides a seal. Often it wears out and breaks with over use. That is why it needs to be changed on a regular basis.

Remember, the O-ring must be damp with some of the oil before the filter is tightened. That lubrication will help the ring withstand the torqueing that occurs when the filter is initially tightened. Additionally, when you remove the oil filter make sure the O-ring comes off with it too. If it goes unchanged it could break causing a leak and forcing the engine to stall.

Incorrect Oil Levels

Once you’ve drained the used oil from your car and changed its filter, you need to refill it with the new product. It’s crucial that you get the quantity of lubricant your car requires right. If you under-fill the lack of oil will damage you car’s hydraulic pressure and not provide enough lubrication for the parts inside your vehicle. This can cause friction among the internal components of the engine and damage the car.

 On the other hand, if you over-fill the oil will start to foam inside the engine thereby reducing its hydraulic pressure. Or it might put additional pressure on the vehicle’s parts thereby causing gaskets and engines seals to leak or even break.

Drive Safely

These are just some of the most common errors that people make when changing the oil in their car. Grab your tube of Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream and do your research before getting started to ensure everything is done properly. A well-maintained car can continue to take you where you want to go for years to come.


Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream is light-weight and perfect for your hands when changing your car’s oil. A simple application of our unscented formula means your hands will be moisturized as you get them greasy.Then when you’re done, a simple wipe and your hands are clean.
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