7 Best Tips For Your Summer Road Trip

There’s nothing more quintessentially summer than a road trip. After all, the United States was built on epic cross-country treks. Fill up your car with gas, throw in a bag full of summer clothes and drive off into the sunset. That’s all it takes to embark on your summer vacation, right? Wrong. Though summer road trips sound like a great spontaneous vacation they actually require some planning. A few of us at Workman’s Friend have been on road trips starting in our youth and even today with our own families. We understand that in order to enjoy it, you’ve got to plan and prepare. Whether you are going to visit a new city or explore the outdoors, don’t forget you Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream. The cream shields hands like an invisible glove from skin irritants, dirt and more while also moisturizing skin. If hands get dirty, clean up is easy with a quick wash or single wipe. Once you are ready to go and have everything you need, you can sit back and enjoy this quintessential summer activity.

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It might sound a little obvious but you need to put pen to paper and plan out your road trip. Take the time to map out your journey, from places to visit to where you’ll stay overnight. All of these things will need to be either booked or reserved prior to your departure. You’ll also want to plan ahead to avoid congested highways and heavy travel days (i.e. state or national holidays).

Calculate Mileage

Calculating how much gas it’s going to take you to get from point A to point B will not only save you time but most importantly money.  If you have a general idea as to how many miles your car gets per gallon it will be easy to measure your estimated fuel costs. Automotive associations such as AAA have fuel cost calculators on their websites. All you have to do is provide them with your car’s make and model as well as your trip’s starting and ending points. It will do the heavy work and estimate your overall gas costs.

Vehicle Check-up

Regardless if you do it yourself or head to your local mechanic’s, inspect your car prior to leaving on your trip. Apply your Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream and check all fluid levels, wiper blades, filters, belt and hose connections, horns, headlights, tire pressure and turn signals. All of these items must be working properly before you head out on the open road. The cream will work like a protective glove and shield skin from oil, grease and more as you work while also moisturizing your hands. Barrier Skin Cream also makes clean up easy. Hands are clean with a quick wash or single wipe.

Trunk Inspection

Another part of your car that needs a once over is your trunk. Firstly, inspect the spare tire that is located in the boot. Even if it’s never been used that doesn’t mean it’s in good condition. Make sure you remember how to change a flat tire. Maybe you learned to do it when you first started driving at 16 or have never known how, whatever the reason, now’s the time for a refresher course.

Also make sure the following is within easy reach in your trunk: flares or reflectors, bottled water, a tire iron, blankets, and a first-aid kit. You may not be driving off the beaten path, but make your mother happy and ensure your trunk is always fully stocked with those items.


Unless you’re going on a road trip that takes you into unknown area, you should be okay with bringing one bag for yourself. Avoid bringing a suitcase use a duffel bag instead. It will be easier to squeeze into a trunk with all the other things you’re bringing. Make a conscious effort not to over pack, a clean pair of jeans or pajamas are never further than your nearest laundromat.

Packing also includes food and drink. Suggestions including chopped-up vegetables, trail mix, fruit, crackers and chips are all easy to carry and eat while in a moving vehicle. If you want to bring cheese, consider the string or block version. They are easier to clean up and don’t smell as strong messy brie or camembert in a confined space. Water is your best bet for a beverage. Not only does it keep your hydrated on those hot summer days but it also won’t make a sticky mess when spilled on your car seats.


With a wide array of smart phones, tablets, and IPads, at their disposal, your road trip passengers can entertain themselves for hours on end. You won’t hear a peep out of them. Make sure the games, movies, and t.v. shows they want to watch are downloaded in advance of the trip. Additionally, verify the roaming fees your provider will charge you for accessing the internet via your devices when you’re out of town.

Don’t forget that before the invention of the portable computers, road trippers enjoyed hours of fun playing ‘I spy’ or license plate games. Though these activities might seem a bit antiquated, they still are a lot of fun to play. And if worse comes to worse, you might even start a conversation with the person sitting next to you in the car (gasp)!

Hit the Road

These are just a few tips designed to make your road trip this summer a safe and enjoyable one. It’s important to remember this type of vacation is unique in that you get to choose what you visit, for how long and with whom. It is a form of travel that is enjoyable for individuals, couples, and families of all ages. For many of us the road trip isn’t only quintessentially summer but it is unequivocally America. So what are you waiting for? Pack your Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream and hit the road!


Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream is light-weight and odorless, making it a perfect lotion for travel. An application of our non-greasy formula means your hands will remain moisturized as you spend your day driving, exploring, relaxing or whatever a summer road trip means for you.
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