4 Tips to Choose a House Cleaner

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Is Monday your favorite day? Or is it Tuesday? For many people their favorite day of the week coincides with a visit from the cleaning lady. It’s that day where someone else does the laundry, mops the floors and cleans the toilets, while you don’t have to a lift a finger. Whether you stay at home with your kids or work full-time, it’s always a luxury to be able to afford someone else to come in and clean-up for you. Yet this person, who according to statistics, is a woman 90% of the time, deserves to be treated with respect and consideration while she does the dirty work (literally).

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How do I choose a house cleaner?

It goes without saying that you’re looking for someone that is trustworthy. Whether you decide to hire an individual or a professional cleaning company, they will have access to your home when you are not there. That idea is very unsettling to many people. While online reviews are a good place to start, if you want a better sense of the company then word of mouth is still paramount. This is an example of when it’s best to ask your friends, co-workers or neighbors who they use to clean their homes and if they can recommend them.

Apart from being trustworthy, you need a cleaner that understands the different products required to make a household spotless. You don’t want someone using glass cleaner and leaving streaks on your fridge doors. If you’ve got antique furniture or luxury finishes you need someone that will take the time to clean, polish, and make sure those items remain in excellent shape.

Do I need to clean-up before?

Have you ever heard the expression: “clean-up for the maid”? There is a reason that you’ve heard it-because it’s true. Depending on what kind of cleaning you need done, it is helpful to the cleaner if you pick-up the clutter ahead of time. This will allow them to mop, dust and vacuum all of your surfaces. By not putting away your stuff it will take your cleaner twice as long to get the job done. Remember any time spent picking up is time not spent cleaning.

What kind of tools or information do I need to provide?

This is a discussion you need to have with your cleaning person or company. Maybe you want them to use your own environmentally friendly products on your home. Or perhaps you’re cleaning service brings their own vacuum and duster, tools they prefer to use in all of their houses. Before your cleaner even steps into the house this is a discussion that needs to be had, so that the boundaries and expectations on both sides are clear.

Should I tip my cleaner?

The answer to this question varies depending on who you talk to. If you do decide to tip the standard range is anywhere between 10-20%. Usually professional companies don’t require that you tip their employees. Tipping is seen more often when you hire an individual, to do your cleaning.

When birthdays and holidays such as Christmas roll around, it is always suggested that you give some sort of gift to your cleaner. Usually that present is cash they can use at their own discretion. Though this is not standard practice, nor is it expected, these occasions are an excellent opportunity to show your cleaner just how much you appreciate them.


As you do when entering into any contract or agreement with another person, you’ve got to make sure you understand their expectations and they yours. It’s important that you’re clear about exactly how dirty your home really is and how you want it cleaned. Your house cleaner also has to be clear what they feel comfortable doing. Perhaps they may not want to do laundry when cleaning your home. But that is something you need done. A solution may be to offer them more money to do the laundry. Always remember to check back in with your cleaner on a regular basis to make sure hers and your expectations are being met.  Once you’ve come to an agreement and are working together, you can start to enjoy the benefits of having a clean house. But until that point, it’s up to you to pick up your own socks and vacuum the rug. Now get busy!


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